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Alison's mom said a really cool quote yesterday...here it is!!!


Longest. Post. Ever.

Well well well. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. So here it goes!

First things first: LOVE LIFE :)
Randy and I have been engaged for about 2 1/2 months now and we still have bout 2 months to go....TOO LONG! We got our engagement pictures done and we love em!! :)
Here's a couple to gaze upon.

I'm keeping the rest a secret until our engagements come out. Can't ruin the suspense! Wedding plans are coming together nicely. I have my dress which i'm borrowing....and it's AMAZING. I'm so blessed!! We have the ties for the men and dresses for the little girls. We've got most of the decorations for the reception. Now it's just on to making lists of people to attend the temple, reception, etc. LONGEST THING TO DO EVER. It's taking awhile...I apologize :S
 Well another awesome thing is that we bought his sisters house and I love it!
Whoohoo!!! I can't wait to move in! Randy is down there in Provo right now for school so I'll join him in August! We also went a test drove cars. O that was fun! Randy's doing all he can to make sure we will be taken care of by reading the Total Money Makeover. (Great book by the way.)He's just about the most amazing fiancée a girl could ask for. I could go on for days about him. I'm just glad he's all mine!

Work life:
BOOOOOOOOOOO! My jobs are great. I mean there are some days that I wanna scream and cry but I can't cuz people would think I'm a freak. So I guess I'll hold it in. :) 
Well Dinky's and Famous Dave's are going pretty good. I work ALOT. I work 5 days for Dave's and about 2-3 for Dinky's and it's always nice to get a break. It brings in the money though which is VERY nice. Yipee! I'd tell ya how much, but I don't wanna get robbed so wo is you. 

Everything in between life:
ALISON BLAIRE PIERSON. One of the best friends I've had is getting married this weekend!! I'm so stoked and excited! And jealous, but we'll keep that on the down low. ;) Her fiancée is so perfect for her and I wish them the best of luck!
So the days that I don't work, I lay out in the sun so I don't look like an albino because I'm inside all day. I love that Vitamin D! ( ooooo check this out!!!)
That's me and Randy, getting Vitamin D! :)
So I went with Randy to this Dr. Orchard man. I've heard great things about him from his family, they swear by him. He's a Chiropractor/Nature Path man. He uses like natural remedies. Well I went in and he popped my back. WHOOOOO! That was fun to listen to. I should say he adjusted my whole body. He popped joints I didn't know existed. Then because I've had some seriously weird breaking out, he told me my liver was filled with toxins and that I needed to take this Spanish Black Radish, which smells horrible. But it's working so i don't care! Randy wants to follow in this doctors footsteps. That could be a blessing. :)
Hmmmmmm. Not too much other things going on. Besides I'm the worst friend in the world and never write my best friend while he's serving the Lord. I apologize. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH! Keegan has sent his papers in!! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! Hopefully I don't work when he opens it :(
Well I'll end on this note. Last night, which was a Sunday (but don't judge me), I had to work and I was just having a really hard time because Randy had just left for Provo and I had to work and everything AT work was just going wrong and I felt like I was the most horrible waitress possible. Well, I was praying really, really, really hard last night let me tell ya. While I was cleaning off plates in the dish pit, I realized I was singing a song in my head. "Be still", by Hilary Weeks.
Here's a video with the song in it. I didn't make the video. It's so cool because it's a girl pleading and then Heavenly Father's response. But I love the words. 
Girl: Another day 

I'll try again 

But can you tell me 

Will the hurting ever end? 

I've been taught 

And I believe 

But it's been awhile 

Since I've been on my knees 

But I need you by my side 

I don't have the strength 

To make it on my own 

And Lord, do you hear my prayer 

How soon will you answer me? 

Heavenly father: I know you're weary 

I know you've had all you can bear 

And now you ask of me on bended knee 

I promise I'll be there 

I've watched you struggle 

Yet I can see how much you've grown 

Child, could you feel my power in your darkest hour? 

You were not alone 

Be still and know that I am God 

I'm by your side 

Whom shall you fear 

I'll give you strength my child 

I am here 

Be still and know that I am God 

And there's no prayer 

That I don't hear 

Lift up your head 

My child 

I am here

I just remember feeling like "Kayleigh, I'm here with you and it's ok." I felt the spirit so strong, even in a place where I didn't think it was possible and I almost started crying.But the rest of the night went really well and I actually made a TON of money. I'm very blessed. I'm thankful for a Father who listens and answers prayers and a savior that knows the pain and the sad feelings I feel. 
Which reminds me. I have a talk next Sunday about the Savior that I need to do! And a piano solo to prepare!

I just feel like life is so busy and It's really hard sometimes when I have to miss things or sacrifice, but I know it will be worth it in the end. :)

Welp, told ya it was long. 

peace and blessin's :)

p.s. I burn like 4000 calories a day at work I swear. My jeans are all loose. I'm 3 lbs. away from my original weight!!!! woot woot!