We are just so over the moon right now....but I'll get to that at the end ;)

I will have to come add pictures later.....but my mind is racing and I want to get everything out!

Randy graduated from BYU with a degree in Athletic Training! So proud of all the work he did. He didn't get much of a break between schools...but we planned it that way :) Randy graduated that morning and we were in Idaho by 3pm. We left right after graduation. We spent a week there with family and it was so good to be with family before we left for awhile.

Our move was successful! We made it safe and sound and we are unpacked and comfortable in our new home. We love it and love making it our own. We have adjusted well and feels like we have been here for ages. The neighbors are nice and our ward is amazing. They have all been so accepting and inviting and I could not be more grateful. So grateful for everyone that helped us pack, clean, move, and unpack.

We have been having fun here in Texas. It's hot but not unbearable yet. Randy is at school basically 24/7 because he knows if he comes home, we will steal him away. We cherish all the moments we have with him. Ryker loves to climb and has been getting into EVERYTHING. So taking him to the parks are so fun and he LOVES it. Ryker finally started walking once we got here and it feels like he started walking and never looked back. 

Well I am twenty weeks pregnant. I can feel baby kick now....a lot and it's so fun! I love the second trimester. 

FINALLY...we had our first appointment here in Texas with our midwife and we clicked with her really well. Definitely happy with her. Well we were talking about the baby and she asked when our last sonogram was and if we have seen development and body parts and such. I was like "at 7 weeks!! So lets schedule an ultrasound!!!" She laughed and said, "Well, let's do one today." HALLELUJAH! I was begging that the baby would cooperate so that we could see gender too :)

This morning...when I was saying my prayers, I was really praying that we would be able to get an ultrasound today. Tender mercy that this morning, Randy texted and asked if I would like for him to come to the appointment. I said, "YES!" He had meetings get cancelled so it was so good that he was able to come to the appointment. So two tender mercies today!

So grateful for God and all of his blessings this last month. My cup runneth over.

Anyways....back to the appointment. ;)

We had been thinking it was a girl. So the ultrasound lady was going around and showing us the baby's face and legs and the whole body. The baby was super cooperative and so cute! Well turns out that....

We are so ecstatic to have two little boys so close together and so happy that we have everything we need. He was sucking his toes! I can't believe the amount of love I feel for this little guy already and how much my love has grown for Ryker too. The excitement I feel is just overwhelming almost! SO BLESSED...SO HAPPY.

Ok....I know this post is all over the place....but that's how it's spewing out. Hope it all makes sense!