And so it begins...

Ok. I know it's not a super attractive picture. But I just want to brag for a second. 

After Ryker was born, I was not happy with my body. Everyone says to love your mommy body but I'm sorry to say I didn't buy it. I had a friend say she looks deflated. Totally. I saw friends transformations and saw that it's absolutely possible to tone up and lose that baby weight.

I would whine about my body until one day I realized that instead of whining about it, it would be better for me to actually do something about it. So I did. I was at my pre baby weight, but my body was completely different. My hips certainly don't lie ;) so I joined a 60 day challenge and try everyday to do my best at eating healthy, drinking water, work out and better myself.  

Now I'm not saying that I'm an expert....HARDLY! I had no idea where to begin. But after really looking into clean eating and doing the Insanity program, I'm excited to say that I have lost 4 inches around my waist, chest, and hips. My muscles are growing and I'm really starting to see some progress. (I lost four pounds, but have since gained muscle and therefore weight---I'm more worried about the inches anyways!) I'm now 30 days into it and can't wait to see what I look and feel like on day 60. I know that I will keep going after that as well. 

This challenge is also helping me to stay on track during the holidays!

If you have any questions or would like to join in, let me know! At the end of this, I will post before and after pictures :)