Pint Sized Shenanigans!

Hope the nakedness of my baby body doesn't freak you out too much...maybe that's why I was crying. Who knows! 
Day 10 or whatever day I'm on.
Picture of me taken over 10 years ago. 
And I can never do just one.

Serious Shenanigans going on right now. Mom's makeup cupboard...ohhhh yeah!

My mom thought it would be fun to be pipi longstocking for a day. I went with it. I'm always up for a photo opp! ;)

p.s. here's one of the hubs....I hope our kids are this adorable...this makes me chuckle everytime I see it. LOVE.


Valentines for Orphans in China

EVERYONE! I mean it...EVERYONE please click on this link Click here

This awesome lady needs 1,000 valentines for the orphans in China. (All the info is in the link.) I'm totally in. Anyone else???

If so, leave a link in a comment showing me you posted on your blog, facebook, whatever. I want to see you all share your love this valentines day to those who need it most!!!


Day 9-(Skipping day 8)-A photo you took

Well perfect! A photo I took?? Hmmmm...How about a whole website of photos I took????

Check it out today! Pricing and announcement design is there. Affordable too! Tell all!

(Sorry for the plug...it was perfect!)


Day 7- Five things I couldn't live without

1: The hubs
2: Book of Mormon
3: Dance
4: Music/ipod
5: Piano-Which is currently happening and it's killing me. Sad sad sad day.

Blogging is a popularity contest

You are cordially invited to my pity party. Pardon me while I whine about life for just a couple minutes. 
I've been so stressed with this blog in making it impersonal and trying to get as many followers as I could. Which made me think less of myself and I tried to make myself more like all these other ladies who are so talented with their DIY projects, crafts and homemaking. But with all the posts they do and all the stuff they do, do they even have time to breathe??? I think this could honestly be one of Satan's traps. You're not good enough, you don't have enough followers, you need to be like these women. NO I DO NOT I say. I need to be me. I need to say what's on my mind and what things I think are funny in my life, inspiring and just life in general. I need to simplify and figure out what I love and what makes me unique.

With that said, I need to return to my confident self. The one who goes out and does things, who isn't afraid of a crowd and isn't afraid to stick up for what's right.

I've been saying alot of, "I can't." or "This looks stupid." In my photography, my job and my husband says zumba. :) I do it and say, "I can't do this!" He says, "You've done latin dancing before. Where's your confidence." And then he listed all these things off. And he's right. I've been pushed into a corner and now I'm coming out!

    "Face your doubts. Master your fears. Cast not away therefore your confidence. Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you." -Elder Holland

I'm simplifying, remembering who I am, and believing in myself.

So do you feel stuck? Do you feel pushed around and not good enough? Stand up for yourself and know you are so amazing and have so much in store for you. You are YOU! BE YOU!


Peace and blessins' 

Day 6- A day/moment that I wish I could re-live

August 21, 2010

I felt like it went by in a blur and it was just so fast. It was the best day of my life to marry my best friend. Definitely married young (19), but maturity I know comes with the experience. I wish that I could have visited with people more at the reception and that we had recorded the luncheon. I saw my dad cry for one of the many few times I've seen him do and my parents and in-laws said some GREAT things. Maybe it was meant to be, but it just went by so fast. Wouldn't trade it for the world though.


Day 5- Favorite quote

I'm a big fan of the Dr. Dr. Suess that is. He's a literary genius. His quotes are some of my favorites. Audrey Hepburn had some good ones too.

Here's my top 5:

There ya go. Words of wisdom to live by :)


Day 4- Favorite TV program

I'll give you my top 5-
5: Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
4: Modern Family
3: Glee
2: Community
1: Law and Order: SVU

Those are my guilty pleasures....what are yours??


Day 3-Favorite Book

This is a killer! I love reading and I love diving into a book. I've had many favorites over the years, but I recently just finished a 6 book series and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED them. I would read for hours, days, weeks. My poor husband had to fight for my attention. (Half truth.) Which books do you think these are???


This is the best set ever.....ever ever ever.
+Mormon books+
(Just to let you know.)
would be a great recommendation for anyone!
Starts out in the pre-existence and goes into the authors interpretation of the war in heaven and goes on to mortality and the fall of man and how Satan is out to get us. 
(VERY abridged version of the series....VERY)

I would HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE.

Any questions....ask me :)

Peace and Blessins'


Day 2-Favorite Movie

Favorite movie-Now that's a hard one. There are so many good ones out there! There are a lot that I've seen and said to myself, "Remember this movie." Well guess what folks..it's gone. I don't remember any movies that I've put in my noggin'.

Randy would say his is Boondockers 7.

Now If any of you googled that, you'd see it's not a movie that was awarded multiple awards and has a moving soundtrack. No-It's a snowmobiling movie. He lives for it! I don't mind :)

Mine would have to be.....

I don't remember what it's called. I do remember that there was a girl named like Stella or something and a really pale guy that shimmers in the sun...and a puppy that liked to follow Stella around...What is it called?!?!

HA! Kidding...seriously folks that was a joke.
Twilight is definitely not my favorite. P.s. Books are way better.

Probably Grown Ups.

1. Because it's recent in my memory.
2. The story is cute.
3. The cast is hilarious.
4. My husband goes into horrible fits of laughter that I think is just so adorable. I LOVE his laugh.

Well-What is your favorite movie. Any recommendations for me?
Comment and let me know!


A Thirty Day Challenge

Found this on Miss Lauren's blog:

It's a thirty day blogging challenge. You up for the fun? See if you can do this with me! Link up by commenting and we'll see how it goes!

Day 1: A favorite song.
Day 2: A favorite movie.
Day 3: A favorite book.
Day 4: A favorite television program.
Day 5: A favorite quote.
Day 6: A moment you wish you could relive.
Day 7: Five things you couldn't possibly live without.
Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.
Day 9: A photo you took.
Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago.
Day 11: A photo of you taken recently.
Day 12: A song that you want played at your wedding(or was played).
Day 13: A guilty pleasure.
Day 14: A vacation you would like to take.
Day 15: A person you admire.
Day 16: A song that makes you cry.
Day 17: An art piece.
Day 18: A time when you felt passionate and alive.
Day 19: A talent of yours.
Day 20: A hobby of yours.
Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people.
Day 22: A website.
Day 23: A way in which you want to be remembered.
Day 24: A movie no one would expect you to love.
Day 25: A recipe.
Day 26: A childhood memory.
Day 27: A physical feature you love.
Day 28: A scar you have and it's story.
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans you have for the next 365 days.
Day 30: A motto or philosophy.

This 30 day challenge I think I can do! Have fun!

Day 1: This is the stuff that drives me crazy.

I could do a post a trillion lines long about all the things that get under my skin, but instead of grumbling and looking at the negative, it's better to understand that there's a bigger picture and as Francesca says, "It's not the end of the world."
I heard this song on KLOVE (that and AIR1 are my favorite stations. Gets me away from the world. Check it out.)
Here is a song that basically sums it all up. Thank you for the inspired words!!
Basically the story of my life.  Love this song and puts my life into a new perspective. 


Larainy Days

This lady is funny. She makes me laugh continuously. I love the comments she makes on pictures..Like the really bad family pictures that you see and think, "WHAAAAT???" or "Why....seriously." I don't know where she finds these things, but you should follow. I definitely am :)

Check her out HERE. This is one of my favorite posts. Tell me what you think!


Sometime in the near future, I hope to remodel our pantry..just like this woman.

New Pantry

pictures and how to's are on her site. Love her site too.

These labels would sure help! Sassy sites is doing this giveaway. Check it out!


Accident...If you can call it that.

Yesterday...was a poopy day. I had to work and that's never fun. Then I got home and Randy was still sledding so I put on my gnome pj's and edited pictures for HOURS. Well those are done now so that's nice. Then Randy called and told me to bring some things and meet him, his brother and friend in Draper. So I was on my way and whilst on the freeway, I hit something and it took out my transmission. Not a good thing. So I was bawling and called Randy and they came and towed the car out because all the fluid had leaked out and I couldn't shift gears or anything and it was just scary. I called 911 to let them know there was something on the road. I've never called 911 before. Anyway, that's the abridged version. Scared the crap outta me. Luckily we have two cars. If we only had the one, we'd be in dog doo doo. So now I'll have to drop Randy off at school at 5 in the morning and pick him up after he's done and after I'm done with work for a little while. I'm so lucky I didn't get hurt and that I decided to pull of the freeway and didn't keep going.


We went to the Mt. Timpanogas temple the other day and it was so nice. I had been feeling really overwhelmed and not knowing what to do with my life. I was feeling like I had to rush everything and just get it done and moved on. But life is to be enjoyed.
I was feeling really down on myself because I've been feeling like I'm not so good at this photography thing. I love it without a doubt. But there is so much to learn and I can't wait to be really good at it and confident in my abilities. Everyone tells me I'm doing well, but I guess I'm my own worse critic. I try my hardest and I'm learning new things everyday. We'll see where it takes me.

Welp. Off to get ready for 1 o'clock church...bleh

Peace and blessins'


Shenanigans in 2010

Alrighty folks. At this time of year, it's common to reflect on the year and see what happened. Here's what happened with us two kids who are crazy in love. :)


I was just starting a new semester at BYU-Idaho making new friends and becoming a part of the Get Connected Council. I had new roommates and became good friends with them all. Especially Ali Rockwood. She and I didn't really know each other but quickly became  good friends and had MANY goodtimes. :)

I also learned not to put dish soap in the dishwasher...good things don't come of it. 

Randy was finishing up the mission in Oklahoma as Assistant to the President. (He says his life is boring...)

Nothing but school and Randy finishing up

Randy came home on March 18th. I wasn't originally going to go to the airport, but something pushed me to go. As soon as I saw come down the stairs, I knew I was going to marry him. 

Yes sir all we did was shake hands. We like to follow the rules. :)

 On April 10, 2010, three weeks after Randy got home, he proposed to me. Read the story here. It felt like he had never left and we instantly reconnected. So good! (Best thing...we got it all documented.) 

We attended General Conference with Ali and her boyfriend Chase and we were so lucky to be able to get into a session of conference and for the boys to be able to go to Priesthood Session. Good trip all around.Randy also left for a trip soon after with his family back through the mission and throughout America. First off they stopped in Mt. Rushmore, next Council Bluffs, then onto Oklahoma. Then a church history tour; Nauvoo, Kirtland, etc. He loved it and I missed him sooooo much. Torture!!

I started working at Famous Daves and loved it. It was a fun place to work and I met lots of people. 
Randy was getting ready to get back to BYU for the summer term and finish his freshman year. 

We got our engagement pictures done and we bought a house that his sisters have also lived in. It's been a great starter home and we're so blessed to have it. I also started a new job at MD's Dinky Donuts. Two jobs and it was good for the pay, but it was hard. 
Ali got married to Chase Rockwood and those two are so awesome together. Have been from the very beginning. 
Randy started school in June. It was hard to be apart, but it helped him a lot and get re-adjusted to life at home. 

Impatiently waiting to be married...

Took family pictures-the last time we had done that was 10 years earlier. 

I quit my jobs and prepared for the big day. I took my endowments out Aug. 17 and it was amazing. Keegan and I went through together because he got his call to Lima Peru!
August 21, 2010, I got married to the man I am proud to call my husband and best friend. (I have yet to do a wedding post with pictures and the details. New years resolution???)
Honeymooned in Washington DC and New York-see here.


Turned 20 and became an adult! :)
Moved to Provo.

Got a job at Cafe Zupas. 
Got my Nikon D-90!
Got into blogging more.
Started a photography blog. (Working on a website now.)

Keegan left on his mission.
Got me a Kitchenaid mixer. :)
Hosted dinner parties.
Got a calling-Relief society pianist.
Doing photoshoots. 
Randy started working at the Library at 5am in the morning. (He's awesome I know.)

 First Christmas and New years eve as a Searle.
Went to the cabin for Christmas.

Notice how I got sick of writing everything and just went to highlights? Ya....sorry....

Also, everyone seems so hyped up for the new year and all the excitement it will bring and I feel like the biggest party pooper because all I'm thinking is ,"BIG WHOOP. Another year..." 
2010 was good to me. I made so many new friends, lost so many friends, learned life lessons, got married and became a somewhat "independent" adult. I wouldn't trade anything I did this year for anything. Best year thus far I would say. 

Well now for Goals for the Next Year-(I don't do resolutions. I think they're stupid.)

1. Begin and finish Thank You cards from wedding...By march at least. 
(I know I'm bad...I'm trying...)
2. Do lots of photography and put my name out there. Become more confident in my abilities and also learn more with classes and tips.
3. Try new things. New food, new activities and new traditions.
4. Become fit and love myself. 
(I know this is everyone's goal. But I want to enjoy being active and doing outdoorsy things. And by having more confidence in myself, I can improve my marriage.)
5. Take a vacation.
6. Fix up the house and make it a home.
7. Continue finding new hobbies and becoming more creative.
8. Find my outgoing self once again and make some friends.
9. Attend the temple as often as possible.
10. Start school again.

We'll see what 2011 brings!

***Randy's Resolutions:***
1. Love my wife and make her happy. ((Good one I say!))
2. Live a Christ centered life.
3. Go snowmobiling, dirtbiking and have as much fun as possible. (Work hard, play hard.)
4. Get good grades.
5. Have a kid. (Just Kidding he says). (Hey-parenthood starts when they're in  the womb...just sayin.)

Peace and Blessins'


Yummy recipe :)


We use Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy sauce because we really like it. :) Try it out. They fall right off the bone and it's a no hassle meal!