Life as I know it

Well world, it's been a while since I've posted...and by awhile I mean longer than two weeks. :)
What's new?
I got a job and I'm so blessed to get it. I just seem to be getting the breaks and it's so nice. Cafe Zupas was opening a new location in Orem and they were looking for line servers. So I sent a resume in and got the job on the first interview! The good thing about it is that they only schedule me for mornings which I asked for too. Most of them are students so they need to work nights, but I like to work mornings because Randy is at school all morning and then we are able to spend the evening together. It's been going great and I'm making a lot of new friends. It's a lot of hours though, which is good, but I want some time to relax?!? Feel me? Holidays especially are going to suck because of course everyone wants those off. This next week I work a ton so I decided to take advantage of the break I had this weekend and went to Idaho to spend it with my familia. Soooooo good. Even if it was 1 1/2 days. :( O well. It was fun to come home to Randy though. I asked him last night if we could live in Shelley forever because I just LOVE the place. That's HOME to me and it's close to both of our parents of course. We'll see in a few years where we go and what happens.
I also got my camera!! It's a Nikon d90. (It's VERY NICE.) And overwhelming to learn how to use! I can't wait to start doing photography though. I've been having withdrawals! (I took it home and took some pictures of Keegan in his mission suit! It's crazy that he leaves in 3 weeks.) Randy surprised me with it because he said I wouldn't be getting it for awhile. Now it's my turn to surprise him....we'll see what I come up with. 
Hmmmmm what else is new? Not much. 
I'm just grateful for all that I have and how I've been so blessed. 
On  that note, I must run to work. :)
Peace and blessin's :) :)


New Finds that I would like to become obsessions...

I want to be crafty. I would like to be able to do it myself and be proud of it. I want to be creative, cute and fun! Here are some things I'd like to maybe try...

Refinishing Furniture:  http://betterafter.blogspot.com/

I check this website every day to see just how awesome these makeovers are. You know how fun it could be finding cheap things and making them unique!?!? Me likey. :) Here's one Randy and I could do because his grandma gave us something like this (but way cooler because there's a record player on top....chyaaaaa boiiiiii!!!).

I think you get the picture. SO CUTE! Let me tell ya. And this Jessica lady seems so cute and reminds me of one of my favorite ladies, Christy Tomlinson, who is wickedly talented and crafty herself!! I can't wait to meet Jessica (I have a job interview today...wish me luck!!)


Cute or no??

And last but not least: Photography. 

I'll be getting my new camera soon so I can start doing some serious BIZNAS with it...Here's what I've done so far:
 :) :) :)

I did those announcements as well. LOVE EM! :)
(tell me what YOU think!?!?)

I shall do something cute! I promise!!!

Peace and blessin's ;)