Seriously a bad day....

Poooooooooooopy day. BLEH. I just want to go to sleep and have it be a new day already. Doesn't make things better that my hubby is in Idaho and I'm here in Provo....sulking. ;)

Well enough pity party. Let's talk about Christmas!
I was lucky to be able to get ten days vacation from work. Can I get a WOOT WOOT! It was great. We left the friday before and headed to Shelley and spent some days at my house. We went to Kamden's basketball game and Karissa's piano recital. Then on Sunday we went up to Randy's family's cabin. It was great. We had all his siblings and the kids there for a week and it was so good to see them and to just be with family. I repeat this all the time---but I seriously have been so blessed by marrying into just a fantastic family. It's amazing. We snowmobiled, saw wildlife, and played games that I can't get enough of. :) We came back the next friday and spent it with family (his and mine). It's nice that we're both from Shelley and can see both of our families. Anywho...picture time?? (WARNING: There's a buttload....)

Randy elbowed my head...I thought it was funny :)

We told all the kids to take up an arrow and jump up and down. They did pretty good! :) 

Muskrats!! :)

We sent balloons to Grandpa Foster.

Isn't he so cute????
Well guys, Hope your Holidays were as grand as mine. :) I have lots of resolutions for the new year and things to get done....ALOT of stuff. 


New Printable

Thanks to Relient K for these words :)


Guys....You all know I'm a sucker for headbands. Check out PRC. They are so cute and they have tons of options. Which ones are your favorite????

Peace Republic Clothing


Just like I promised :)

Love this knockoff-Definitely inspired! Noel Knockoff

Epson Salt Candles...Brilliant! Candles

These pillows....are adorable!! Pillow

Doing this to our mirrors?? O heck ya!  Framed mirror

And one more!

Definitely going to do this :)  Cute Lamp

I constantly find myself on craigslist looking for things to Re-do...Ohhhh can't wait for the summer :)



Seriously, I'm so blessed.

1. My husband never ceases to amaze me. Right now he's sacrificing his precious study time to go out with the elders and to visit people with them. He always makes me laugh and I dunno how I won a man so precious as this. He rubs my back when it's absolutely killing me and gets my ibobufren when I can't get up in the night because my head is throbbing. He's forgiving, enough said. He's always looking for ways to help me and others. Come home one day after work and he's cleaned the entire house and started the laundry. LOVE THAT. And he's bangin'. mmmmmmm :)

2. I love visiting teaching. It's been nice being able to get to know people through that and to be able to just talk about life and the gospel. I love the spirit it brings and the connections made through the spirit. I just love the gospel period. I love my bishop and his awesomeness. Even though I haven't known him very long, I know that he loves me and looks out for me and my hubby. Amazing man. I love the temple. I love the spirit felt there. I love the bonds made and the work done. I love the atmosphere and that I can be there with my hubs.

3. I have a roof over my head. (A very nice one I might add....SO blessed to have it.) I have a full pantry and refrigerator. I have a job that I love and love the people there. I have the gospel in my life that brings me such joy. I have so many things that I take for granted. That's what I love about this time of year. A time to reflect, a time to ponder, a time to lend a hand, and a time to be a friend.

4. I have some fun hobbies. :) Photography. Loving it. If you haven't checked out my photoblog, check it out HERE. We went to Temple square the other day and I took some fun pictures!

So fun!

5. I have a wonderful family. I love my family so dearly and can't wait to see them. But I also lucked out with Randy's family. They are so special and I love them all. I have the cutest nieces and nephews now. Pinch me. :)

I've pretty much become obsessed with blogging and checking out sites. Especially DIY blogs and fashion blogs. Mostly out of lust and wishing for their creativity. For inspiration as well. I can't wait to be able to give this house a homey feel and make it our own. I hope for this blog to inspire others and I'll be sure to share things that I absolutely love. 

Peace and Blessins'

Fun prints :)

One that I made for a party and just a label for a salad I made

Fun Christmas ones :)
 More to come...I'm addicted!

Tis the Season!

To get you in the Christmas Spirit!
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