Tis the Season


That's all.


Here are some of the details of our front room.

Luckily my mother in law has accumulated most of the decorations for me. Except for the tree. We didn't have a tree or anything our first year and we attacked those post holiday sales at Wal-mart for our tree and decor. SCORE!

And I gotta say: I love sparkle and glitter because my tree is covered!

What are some of your favorite decorations that you have? I would love to see! Link up or share your pictures.

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And here is my funny hubby with his co-athletic training pals from this semester. They have all worked with the football team this year.

Don we now.....

Peace and Blessins'

P.s. I won't be able to send everyone a christmas Card...But here is ours!
Enjoy :)


And so it begins...

Ok. I know it's not a super attractive picture. But I just want to brag for a second. 

After Ryker was born, I was not happy with my body. Everyone says to love your mommy body but I'm sorry to say I didn't buy it. I had a friend say she looks deflated. Totally. I saw friends transformations and saw that it's absolutely possible to tone up and lose that baby weight.

I would whine about my body until one day I realized that instead of whining about it, it would be better for me to actually do something about it. So I did. I was at my pre baby weight, but my body was completely different. My hips certainly don't lie ;) so I joined a 60 day challenge and try everyday to do my best at eating healthy, drinking water, work out and better myself.  

Now I'm not saying that I'm an expert....HARDLY! I had no idea where to begin. But after really looking into clean eating and doing the Insanity program, I'm excited to say that I have lost 4 inches around my waist, chest, and hips. My muscles are growing and I'm really starting to see some progress. (I lost four pounds, but have since gained muscle and therefore weight---I'm more worried about the inches anyways!) I'm now 30 days into it and can't wait to see what I look and feel like on day 60. I know that I will keep going after that as well. 

This challenge is also helping me to stay on track during the holidays!

If you have any questions or would like to join in, let me know! At the end of this, I will post before and after pictures :)


Holy Shenanigans

Holy COW! It's been a whopping 5 months since I blogged.....yikes!! I had a nice friend say that I needed to update (which I knew I did...I was just dreading it because it had been so long!) but it's nice to know that people care and that people actually read this darn thing!

Well....I guess lets get started.

Our summer:
I had lots of photo sessions when I went up for that two week break (previous post). Someday I will be caught up on my website too :( I guess I was just so busy with class, baby and wifeyness that life just overtook everything else! I did the summer semester at UVU so that I would be graduated and done with school while Randy was so busy with Football season this fall.  So glad I did! It was super hard to leave my 3 month old with babysitters to feed him and put him to bed.  But he survived and so did I! I eventually graduated with a 3.77 GPA and on the Dean's list (high honors for UVU). HOLLA! But we really didn't do anything fun this summer because Randy had sports camps and class and I had class and baby to play with :)
Speaking of baby...here's lots of posts of him....you're all here for him anyways ;)

3 months: 

4 months: 

5 months:

6 months:

7 Months:
(Journal Entry)
I cannot believe it! My little man is 7 months old! He sits up on his own and "swims" to get around (he looks like he is doing the breast stroke and scooting around).  He hasn't quite gotten the crawling thing down.  In time! He's starting to stand up around the couch and at the bottom of the stairs.  He loves the water--he's always been good with baths. He wakes up about 3-4 am (since he started teething) to eat, but that's ok! He has two bottom teeth and they're so cute! No luck trying to capture a picture of it! He talks a lot but no words.  He is such a happy baby.  We are very lucky. He is 17 lbs. and 27"! He's pretty good with baby food (we didn't start until 6 months) and cheerios.  Still working on the bigger foods.  He is still nursing too.  He can drink from a sippy cup with help.  He doesn't understand he needs to hold it up to get the water in his mouth! He does well with most food.  Not a huge fan of veggies...but who is??? :) He loves sweets!

He is growing too fast!!!

Randy has begun his crazy and super fun time with the BYU football team.  He loves the players and the experience he is having.  He's not as excited about waking up at 4 am to work and class and such but I'm so grateful for him and all of his hardwork!

oh ya...I cut my hair :)


Summer Begins!!

Another semester down!! For randy that is :) we are so glad he is now finished with the semester. It was another rough one with lots of anatomy classes. We are currently on our way home to Idaho for a little break. I will be there for 2 weeks with my little sisters recital and a wedding the next weekend. Randy starts his spring term in a couple days, but he will be going snowmobiling one more time before he starts. Kind of a rather goofy blog post title and mentioning sledding in the same breath. Oh well. It relaxes him and gives him a nice break with his brother!

I will be doing a summer term as well no ended up changing my degree so that I will be able to finish (hopefully) this summer! Then I will get to do what I love most-being a mother! I've learned so much doing photography at UVU and have loved it. It will be so nice to be done though!!

Ryker is still awesome :) we'll keep him ;) no really. He is such a good baby. He sleeps well, naps well, is super content and can entertain himself. He talks, laughs and smiles so much now. We are still working on the sleeping through the night thing, but it's all good! Makes me baby hungry :)

Peace and blessins

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2 months

I cannot believe Ryker is two months old! It's flown by so fast.

Some highlights:
-He can hold his head up. He's basically been able to do this from the beginning. Burping him is a chore because he is all straight up and down. No snuggles while burping.

-He's not much of a snuggler anymore. He will do it when he is tired, but that sleepy newborn stage (that I miss SO much) is gone.

-He has found his hands! He will gnaw on them for awhile.

-He has found his voice. He is quite chatty!! We love talking with him. He is quite aware of when we are around and talking to him

-He has found his smile. He will respond to smiles. It's the best.

-He laughs!! It's my favorite!

-Still eats like a champ. We are trying to get him used to a bottle for at least one feeding. But it's a lot of work pumping and stuff. We need to just in case though.

-We blessed him March 24th. He looked quite dapper :)

-Has yet to sleep through the night. Sometimes we get lucky and he'll sleep from 9-4am, but right now it's about 9-2 or 3 then 6 always.

-He can roll over from his tummy to his back. He is quite strong. Changing his diaper and dressing him is sometimes a chore because he resists.

He is the love of our lives and we are so happy to have him here. I love everything about him.

Randy has two more weeks of spring semester left! He has been doing his clinicals at American Fork HS and helps with the spring sports. He helped with basketball while I was in my last month or two and I would go with him, but just walk the stairs and halls to get Ryker out!
Most exciting news for us right now?? Randy will get to do his next clinical assignment with the BYU Football team!!! He says that sometimes they are just glorified water boys...but who cares!? He gets to be with the team and travel for a few with them. It will be an eventful fall that's for sure!!

As for me, I just did my first wedding post partum. It was awesome and fun but so tiring!! I forgot how long those days are-blisters and all. I have another one coming up in May as well as starting a summer semester at UVU. I am hoping to graduate in the fall, but I have no idea how we are going to balance school, clinicals, and Ryker. It's hard. But we know that Ryker is here at the right time and we will figure it out!

Oh! And we hiked the Y here in Provo. It was pretty intense being the first big workout in a year. But a good one!

Peace and blessins'


Blessing Day

We blessed Ryker March 24, 2013. It was such a beautiful day and Randy gave a beautiful blessing. Poor guy was super nervous! But it was wonderful. We keep getting comments on how many people were there to support us from ward members because we took up half of the rows in the middle section and there were latecomers in the back too. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful family members and friends that came. I love being with family and want my kids to be close to other family members. That's what it's all about anyways right?! We sure missed Randy's sister Amber and her family-we love every moment we get with them since they live far away in Virginia! 

March Madness anyone???

My aunt was taking an impression to make plaster casts of Ryker's fist and foot to keep for forever!!

4 generations :)