A (boring) Year in Review 2012

Well another year has come and gone! So crazy!

January-April: started a new semester and it was rough! I had to draw.... I don't draw. But I got through it and actually did pretty well for having no drawing talent. I also took a photography class and learned a ton! (This whole year I've actually grown a ton in my photography and it's so great to see!)
Randy was of course just busy with preparing for the Athletic Training Program. He's such a good student and really works hard.

May-August: SUMMERTIME! Boy do I love summertime. But this year, Randy and I both did first block classes so our summer didn't really start until Mid June. I had my first film photography class and loved it. Film is really so fun and a process that is just awesome for creating. You are in control of EVERYTHING. It's so different than digital for sure. 
This semester was a bit rough because May was the month we would have been due if I had not miscarried the October before. It was hard when everyone had their babies and I wasn't. BUUUUUUUT----The semester was more difficult because I was so sick----from being pregnant!! I remember the day I found out. So Randy and I were technically waiting to start trying again for insurance purposes, but I was really struggling with being told when I could or could not start my family. I felt like we needed to be trying. We finally talked about it and Randy said, "Let's leave it up to the Lord." It was nice not having and pressure to get pregnant but just let it happen. And WHAMBAM! We got pregnant like the first try. I had a feeling I was. While at school, I was getting these weird twingy cramps and I was just thinking, "I'm pregnant". So it was on my mind all day and finally at 9PM, I made Randy take me to Walgreens to get a test and it was positive! It was surreal and we are so excited! 
In June, we went with Randy's immediate family to the Oregon Coast. That was rough being pregnant, throwing up, not eating, and driving for hours on winding roads. But I eventually got some medicine that helped with the nausea a bit and the trip was much more enjoyable. The fresh coastal air was amazing! We went to a couple beaches, including the one from The Goonies! I also watched that movie for the first time on that trip and hated it. I just thought it was dumb :(  But I also got to watch all of the Back to the Future movies and those I loved! We flew kites on the beach, went to an aquarium, saw beautiful lighthouses, went to the Portland temple, took pictures of beautiful waterfalls (Multnomah and Shoshone) and the men went tuna fishing on rough sea waters. Let's just say they were sick for a bit but Randy says it was well worth it! Thank you Amy for a well-planned trip and for all the fun we had!

I also officially started my Photography business: registering the business (yay for taxes...), created a website and got the ball rolling. It feels a lot better actually being a legit business and not just a girl with a camera ;) I did lots of weddings, engagements, family and other sessions.

We spent the 4th of July in Island Park. I love that place. Nature rocks. We also did a Yellowstone/Island Park trip with Randy's co-workers. I love Yellowstone and I love the Playmill. We had lots of fun. 

In August we started another semester and Randy started his clinicals for Athletic Training at UVU for the Track/Field teams and Cross Country. It was nice having him nearby...and for his employee parking ;)

September-December: We found out we were having a boy, I grew and got stretchmarks, and we both went to school :) Exciting huh??

We have had a wonderful year with so many blessings and opportunities! We can't wait for 2013 and see what it has in store!

Christmas 2012

Can I just say how crazy it is that Christmas has come and gone again!? Time sure flies! This year, Randy and I have taken 3 weeks off! A little excessive?? Yes. But that's ok, because I don't think that it's going to happen again....ever. And I'll just note here. I have been so bad at taking pictures this year. I seriously didn't take any pictures over the break of family and such. Life goes on :)

So after a successful semester (yahoo!), we took off on the 13th of December to Idaho. We knew we'd be coming back and forth, but it's been more of a hassle than we planned. We stayed in Shelley, Randy snowmobiled, I was lazy, and we spent that week with my family. I did a bridal session on the 21st here in Shelley, then we took off to Logan for the wedding the next day. Oh goodness was that an adventure and I loved it. It was weird-even though we are alone together a lot, it still felt good to get away from home and the everyday and go explore together. We stayed at a hotel that had an AWFUL bed-This momma did not sleep very well. The next morning we got up, ate breakfast at a fabulous place there in Logan called the Center Street Grill. YUMMMMMM-O! We actually ate dinner there the night before and it was delicious as well. Then it was off to the temple to shoot the wedding! After the wedding, we drove straight back to Shelley for the reception and boy was that a long day on this pregnant body. It's amazing how your body changes while pregnant and how things become more difficult.

After that wedding, we went to church the next day and then headed up to Island Park for a couple days of beautiful snow and lots of family! There were 20 or so of us up there and even had to rent a second cabin to fit us all comfortably. It was fun to do Christmas up there. This year was a bit different with me being pregnant. I couldn't go sledding, so I played with nieces and nephews, played some cards, watched movies and just bummed around :)

I came back to Shelley on the 26th and on the 27th went with my mom to Utah for the ultrasound (see previous post). The roads were great until we hit Brigham City and then they were just horrible. Luckily my in-laws let us borrow the truck! I shot another wedding the 28th and we came back the 29th. The back and forth traveling is not fun. My ribs start to hurt really bad after 4 hours in a car!

So this week, we will just be bumming around some more. It's good for Randy to be home and spend time with his family and his brother. I swear they are attached at the hip ;) I kind of wish I was home "nesting" and getting ready for this baby, but it's all good. I have another baby shower on Friday and then I think we will be home free. Randy starts school next Monday or Tuesday I believe. I will be taking the semester off with the new baby!

I'm so grateful for family, for Randy, for how blessed we are and the fun things we get to enjoy! I'm excited for this new year and to see what it will bring!

My Little (or not so little) Boy

Hello all my blog readers (cough*mom*cough),

Just thought I would update you on all things baby boy! I had an ultrasound on the 27th and as the ultrasound tech was measuring the baby's head, he said something along the lines of, "Your baby has a big head." That kind of freaked me out! I was wondering if there was something wrong like fluid on the brain or something drastic like that. But he's ok! Just in the 83rd percentile (normal is around 50). He goes, "Good luck with the delivery..." GEEE THANKS! :) His tummy is also measuring big which is good because if the shoulders or tummy are bigger than the head, he can get stuck.  But were they are both a little bigger, it's good news! His legs are short....I have a little t-rex baby! :) I can't wait to see him in the flesh though! He is still rockin' and rollin' in there and making mommy uncomfortable. The doctor said that based off the measurements from the ultrasound, baby boy is 5 lbs. 6 oz. already and he should grow about a half a pound a week so we could possibly have a 9 lb. baby in the end. We will see when he decides to come! I am 33 weeks 5 days (based off baby's measurements, they say I'm actually 35 weeks). WHO KNOWS!?

Here's the 4D shot they took of his face:
 I CAN'T STOP STARING AT HIM!!! I can't wait to hold him and see him and love him....GAHH!!

Look at those lips though! Can't wait to kiss them! He was sure puckering up for us :)
While I was home for the ultrasound (we've been vacationing in Idaho for the last three weeks and I came back after the ultrasound), my mom and I took advantage of the time and started up on the baby's nursery! It's coming along and I can't wait for it to just be DONE!

I don't have the pictures with me, but my mom threw me a baby shower with all of mine and Randy's family members that could come and that was so fun! The theme was "She's about to POP!" and Chris Russell did an amazing job with the decorations.  Think pom-pom balls, banners, balloons and just amazingness. THANK YOU CHRIS! 

Thank you to all that came to the baby shower. Randy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives and thank you for already spoiling our little boy! We will be having another baby shower with friends later this week and I can't wait!

Holy crap---We're having a baby....


Seriously random

Can I gush for a bit? I just have so much awesomeness on my mind right now. Like how my baby just moves and tumbles around and my belly's a shakin' and sometimes I wonder if people see and think how weird it is to see my belly jump. And how much I love him already and can't wait for him to make his appearance!? We still have so much to do.... I think I'll miss that the most when he's out here in the world. My belly moving and just feeling and bonding with him. Randy just cannot wait to hold him and speaking of randy... He's just the best. He has had such a difficult semester. I would not be able to even begin whining about my workload compared to his. He is really struggling with these last couple of days and it breaks my heart to see him so frustrated and worn out. I wish I could help him somehow. This Christmas break will be so awesome to relax and be kind of worry free. Just think. After the holidays are over, baby will be here! Oh random ramblings. But I feel better know that it's off my chest :)



Well this week has been fun...and out of the blue :) Randy and I had planned not to come to Idaho for Thanksgiving because we had just been up for a wedding the weekend before and had to go home (Provo) for two days of class before Thanksgiving break. My family was going to come down and spend it in Utah with us. But last minute, Randy and I decided it was just smarter for us to go up to Idaho and spend Thanksgiving with my extended family. So we did! So after our two days of class, we headed up to Idaho. We got there early Wednesday morning and I went to the chiropractor and got my hair cut. It was so nice on my little (BIG) pregnant body to get adjusted and my hair is MUCH better and easier to do. Thursday, we spent Thanksgiving out at the Bitter's house and had LOTS of people there actually. I don't believe that it will ever be the same--like it used to be with ALL of us there. But it's still nice to get together as family and catch up on life. Then that night, we went to the movies and decided of all movies to go see Breaking Dawn: Part 2. :) It's nice to have seen it to have "closure" as it's now over, but to be honest, I wasn't impressed. I was just happy and grateful my dad would even take the whole family to the movies. Just to be together :) Friday, we cleaned house. Keegan get's home on Wednesday so we were cleaning rooms and bathrooms and de-cluttering, just getting ready. And I was loving it. This nesting phenomenon is quite enjoyable. I just wish I had more time to do it at my own house without having school and such because when school is out, I'm afraid I'll be too big to do anything!! I also did some photoshoots with Karissa and her friend which was great. My whole family was all just messing around with the studio lights and taking goofy pictures, including me....I should go delete those :)

The pregnancy is still great! My weight gain is right on track-but the doctor said I was measuring a little big. LET'S HOPE THIS ISN'T A 9 lb BABY!! :) I was 8 lbs. 10 oz. I don't know what Randy was. But I'm really starting to feel the tiredness and exhaustion. It's just harder for me to do the little things. I cannot wait to meet this little guy! It's going to fly by I know it! We have the holidays and I have two weddings left to shoot....ya....He'll be here before we know it!

How far along? 28 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: 20 lbs gained
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? Yes...super downside...It's all good though. Worth it!
Sleep: It's on and off.
Best moment this week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat
Have you told family and friends: Yes. I'm sure the whole world knows now :)
Miss Anything? Energy. I'm always tired.
Movement: Yes! I love it.
Food cravings: Candy...sweets...you know--the healthy stuff ;) Or just food in general...just want to eat all the time!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. Still can't do mexican food though....authentic mexican.
Have you started to show yet: You betcha! 

We will be coming BACK to Idaho on the weekend of the 9th to hear Keegan report his mission. I'm sad that I wont be able to see him at the airport, but I have school that I have to be to. Finals is the week after that so it's crunch time! It will be good to catch up with him and see him! Come listen to him Dec. 9th at 1 pm!

Well, Thanksgiving has been great. I love the holiday and being able to reflect on what I'm grateful for. But I'm sad that Thanksgiving is also associated with gifts and getting more stuff. I told Randy I really didn't need or want anything for Christmas. I'm just so blessed already and grateful for what I have. I have an amazing, patient, long-suffering ;), handsome, hardworking husband and I'm still so shocked that I got so lucky to marry the man I dreamed of marrying! He's been SO amazing this whole pregnancy and I can only imagine the amazing father he will be. He can't wait to shnuggle with our little dude. I have this little bundle of joy inside of me that kicks and moves and I love him so much already--I can't imagine the love I will feel when I hold him in my arms and get to snuggle him too! I have a beautiful, warm, safe home that we are so lucky to have. I have amazing neighbors, family and classmates. I'm so blessed to have been born into the Gospel of Jesus Christ and know that my Savior lives and loves.

I hope your holidays are great and that you take time to reflect on what's most important.


Baby, Halloween and Voting


I just thought I would update. I always have things on my mind that I want to post but don't have access to a computer and then I forget...super frustrating!

Well- I am 25 weeks and almost down to double digit days until we meet our munchkin! 103 days right now. It's crazy how close we are. And how unprepared we are hahaha.

How far along? 25 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: 10 lbs. I've been so blessed too. My nurses were actually commenting on how tiny I was. I've been pretty good at walking and doing yoga.
Maternity clothes? Yes! Mostly just jeans...so much more comfortable. I tried on I swear like 50 pairs and bought only 5. But only a couple shirts. I love dressing the bump!
Stretch marks? Yes :( Just like one or two light ones though.
Sleep: It's on and off.
Best moment this week: Baby kicking and moving all the time!
Have you told family and friends: Yes. I'm sure the whole world knows now :)
Miss Anything? Energy. I'm always tired.
Movement: Yes! I love it.
Food cravings: Candy...sweets...you know--the healthy stuff ;)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. Still can't do mexican food though....authentic mexican.
Have you started to show yet: You betcha! (please excuse the bad picture)
Labor Signs: Some braxton-hicks. But nothing crazy.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On, but I can tell I am starting to swell a little bit. Especially my feet.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! I'm so blessed.
Looking forward to:
 Meeting him :)

Baby's size: My little rutabaga! 

For Halloween, Randy and I didn't do anything very festive as far as Halloween goes. I'm such a Halloween scrooge right now and can't justify buying bags of candy just to hand out. Plus-I get super annoyed when kids 12 and older come trick or treating. Or when they aren't even dressed up--seriously?! Maybe it's just because I don't have kids yet to enjoy the season--or maybe I am just mean :(
So we went to a Jazz basketball game with our neighbors Mark and Kim. I'm thinking that we'll always celebrate Halloween together because last year, we just camped out at their house for the night. But the game was great! Row 12 seats, good company and good game. It was so nice to get out and have a date night since Randy and I haven't for a LONG time. Just always so busy and tired :(

I'm loving school right now--and hating it. It's crazy that the semester is almost over. I'm loving what I'm learning but it is super stressful and super fast paced which is nuts. Here are some of my most recent studio sessions.

Check out www.Kayleighsearle.com/blog for my most recent sessions for my photography business.

Well-something that's been on my mind that I must vent--you can tune out if you want. It's political, but not in a crazy sense. It's mostly just my thoughts on voting and the future of our country-Very elementary.

I was reading in my campus' newspaper and they were asking students about voting but also comparing and saying that students care more about celebrities than the future of our country and who to vote for. American Idol get's way more votes than the Presidential vote. People worship celebrities and don't give any attention to what is going on with the country! Quote: "I don't even care, "said an anonymous student." I don't have an opinion about politics and I don't care to hear anyone else's. Obama says nothing I can relate to, but Taylor Swift does." WHAT THE?!? Here's another quote, "I'm not particularly interested in politics...They make everything so complicated. If they made it so that I could understand what they were talking about, I would be much more interested."  UGHHHHHHH.
I believe that it's up to us to become informed. It's up to us to not be lazy and to take the effort to learn and to be informed. WE are the future of this country and if we can't understand politics and government, we are screwed. Ron Paul-past presidential candidate-has so many things that I agree with. He recently came to UVU and spoke: (underlined what I agree with)

"Paul spoke on myriad issues facing the nation, offering his beliefs and suggestions to resolve the problems. Paul said that the American people cannot afford to give the responsibility of their lives to the government, and that many problems could be solved if individuals took responsibility for their actions.

“In a free society, the responsibility is on each and every person,” Paul said. “You can’t give the responsibility to the government, or they’ll screw it up . . . If you’re a true American, you support responsibility.”

Quoting Benjamin Franklin, Paul said, “Freedom doesn’t work if you don’t have a moral society.

Paul spent a large portion of his speech outlining what he identified as failures of the welfare system and tax system. He said he believes people should help one another, but the government should not be the moderator of welfare.

“Get rid of the Federal Reserve and get rid of the income tax,” Paul said.

While his supporters were comparatively small in number to other presidential candidates, Paul explained that he is optimistic about the future and the attitude of the nation. He praised students and young people for their use of technology to communicate and move ideas forward. He identified self-awareness and educating others as what will be the driving force for change in the future.

“The individuals, as they improve themselves, can improve others,” Paul said." 

I don't believe that one person (as president) is going to change this country. It's up to each of us to do our part: to educate ourselves, to be grateful for what we have and for what privileges we enjoy, to be responsible for ourselves and our actions, to not feel entitled and help those around us. We need to learn  the basics now so we can teach them to our kids! I have a very strong testimony on that and in fact have amazing revelation in my patriarchal blessing that mentions the Constitution and the hand of God in the founding of our nation--how we need to teach our children because the credit due to those that founded this country are being lost and taken out of textbooks. It gives me CHILLS!

Phew. I can relax now. 
Forgive me for being so nuts, but it needed to come out! I plan on voting today--how about you?!

Peace and Blessins'

P.s. Thank you to all those that commented and helped out with the last post! You're awesome.


Calling all Moms!!!

First off, a little update on the little dude. He is kicking lots! Randy and family members have felt strong kicks/punches/etc. from him and I love to see the joy on their face and love being able to share that experience with them too!

Randy is crazy busy with school and Athletic Training at Utah Valley University. He's super annoyed with his Humanities class (who isn't) and how crazy difficult they make a gen. ed. course. But I'm trying to help him as much as I can! I am busy with photography. I have the most fun in my studio lighting class because I believe it's helping me be a better photographer and I want to use strobes and flashes in my future photography. My film photography class is taking way too much of my time. The labs are never open so I'm usually on campus from 7-10pm and it's tiring! I'm really trying to just truck through the semester and will be glad when it's over. 

I have a TON of photography sessions coming up too--along with designing announcements! I can't wait to share with you! It's really hard to balance that with my schooling, but I want to do as much as I can (without wearing myself out) before the baby comes. I will also be looking at changing my pricing as well. But I love it---just a balancing act!

Well--my real motivations for writing this post is to ask for some opinions and I guess help. I'm really wanting to get ready for this baby and get the big things all ready (i.e. crib, stroller, carrier, etc.) but I have NO IDEA where to even begin! There are so many options! Here's where you come in...hopefully you'll help :) Will you tell me what strollers, carriers, car seats, diapers, etc. you use and why you like them?? I don't want you to feel obligated to write paragraphs, but just tell me what works best for you. I know it's different for everyone, but it will be nice to have a starting point!

So comment on the blog, comment on FB, email me if you want to! (Kaysearle7@gmail.com). I just have NO CLUE how to begin!!

You guys are awesome. Social media is a great resource eh??? :)

Peace and Blessins'

P.s. We have 16 50 lb. boxes of potatoes left. They will last til January and be especially nice for the holidays (think Thanksgiving and Christmas people!!). It's a great deal!! $20 dolla holla :)


Drumroll Please......

Today was such a good day! We were able to go to the doctors office and have the ultrasound that told us the gender of our baby! So we got in really quick and went right to the ultrasound. He was curled up in a fetal position with his ankles crossed so we weren't sure we would even see the goods! But we just got the angle right under the bum and sure enough, it's a boy. I was 100% sure it was a girl, pretty much brainwashed myself. So when we saw it was a boy....I was just laughing and in shock!! Still am to be quite honest. I had no boy names chosen or nursery ideas planned. But of course I still have 4.5 months to get ready. The baby is growing exactly on schedule and the due date is still Feb. 13, 2013.

I'm so excited and so glad that he is healthy and everything looks perfect! So blessed.

I'm so worn out though, I've been shopping for maternity pants ALL day. I think I tried on 50 pairs at least...ughhhh!! So there is the update for now!


Summer Nights

So Randy and I haven't been very much fun this summer...I blame me being sick and all. But the other night, we decided to go up to the canyon to watch the meteor shower. Randy neglected to tell me that it was cloudy....all day. But regardless, we decided to go and see if it would clear up. We stopped to get frozen yogurt, something I'm craving daily, then headed up Provo Canyon. We stopped at Bridal Veil Falls and it was so nice to be outside, sucking up the natural air. I loved walking hand in hand with my husband as we talked about the baby and our lives. We sat by the falls for about 30 minutes and just enjoyed it. Then it started to rain and I was thinking, "Great. We aren't going to last long out here or see any showers." I also felt bad because we could have been helping out my sister in law watching our niece that night. But we still decided to go up and wait out the rain. 
So we drove to a park we like out in the boonies and saw lots of deer. It had stopped raining and even started clearing up a bit and I was so excited! When Randy and I were dating, we would always lay out and look at the stars. I remember even when he was on his mission (beware....hokey cheesy alert), that I wished on a shooting star that I would marry Randy Searle...so I love the stars :) Again, it was so nice to snuggle with my honey and just talk and laugh and be care free. I love just sitting and talking, learning more and more about my husband. 
While we were laying there, two girls were walking by and as soon as they saw us snuggling and stuff, they got silent, then started giggling. Just made me laugh thinking that they were maybe assuming we were dating or single students. But we are married and can do what we want-Kapeeesh???? :)

The sky had cleared and we could start to see stars. But Randy and I were both falling asleep because we are like old fogies. :) So we ended up not even staying to watch the stars as guilty as I feel admitting. But I still enjoyed the little date Randy and I had and so grateful for the time we had together. 


Our Summer 2012

Well, I figured I would update and jot it all down to remember what we had done.

From May-June, Randy and I both did the first block of Summer term and boy was that crazy. Even though I was only taking two classes, it was overwhelming with how fast it went! But it was actually awesome, two more classes done. Randy was super busy too with classes and getting ready for athletic training in the fall. 

In May, we also found out that we were pregnant! Luckily my sickness didn't really hit until after school was over, but hit right during our family reunion.

After school and at the end of June, we took off to Idaho and went to Randy's best friends wedding and it was wonderful. The night before, they had a big dutch oven dinner and I just couldn't even enjoy it :( But everything was just so cute and perfect. Right after the sealing, we headed off to Boise to meet the rest of Randy's family who had gone to Utah for a different family reunion. And onward to Oregon! Randy's sister planned the whole thing and it was just wonderful, except for the sickness. Driving didn't help. I eventually got medicine to help with the sickness and that helped with the vomiting-but my appetite was gone and still nauseas. We went to the beach, aquarium, saw seals on the rocks, flew kites, the men went fishing and I napped a ton haha. We went to the temple too in Portland and that was cool.   We saw Shoshone Falls and Multnomah Falls. I will have to post pictures later because they are all the wrong format right now.

After that, we spent the Fourth of July in Island Park. That was cool to be able to be out in such an awesome, beautiful place. And the fireworks were awesome! We eventually went back with Randy's co-workers and went to Yellowstone. 

I've been doing a lot of sessions this summer like weddings, engagements, bridals, families, etc.  We've been very busy and now just trying to get back to life. I'm trying to get feeling better so I can stay caught up with sessions and the house and being a good spouse. Randall has been more than amazing and his patience stuns me. I'm just not worthy of him! :) We are excited to be in the second trimester of pregnancy, glad to hopefully have the sickness go away and can't wait to start feeling this little one move around. 

Not too exciting of a post, but it will help my remember how awesome our life is as we reflect back on the blog.


12 Weeks

Yesterday, we went to the doctor to hear baby's heartbeat. So he starts looking for it, and we just can't find it. Kind of freaky...but I guess I'm pretty early on to always hear the heartbeat. So my doctor says, "We have a rule that you don't leave without hearing the heartbeat!" I like this rule :) So we went and did an ultrasound and low and behold, baby is just fine but moving around like nuts and that's why we couldn't hear the heartbeat! "It" would just fling "itself" and throw "it's" head backwards. Here is a crappy video, but you can see "it" fling "it's" head back!

We are so stoked and I can't wait to FEEL those kicks!

How far along? 11 Weeks 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: Lost 4-5
Maternity clothes? One pair of pants....ahhhhh the room.
Stretch marks? No.
Sleep: I've been sleeping well-my dreams are still weird and slightly annoying.
Best moment this week: Seeing the baby!
Have you told family and friends: Family and some friends...any soul who reads the blog.
Miss Anything? Eating normally.
Movement: Call me crazy, but I feel some fluttering.
Food cravings: ugh....no....food is gross.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Food in general. When people talk of food, when I smell food....MEAT is a killer.
Have you started to show yet: A little, still poochy!
Gender prediction: Actually changing my mind, I always refer to the baby as "he".
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody. Grumpy all the time.
Looking forward to:
 Getting a bigger bump & finding out the gender! :)

Baby's size: My little sugar plum.


Little T-Rex

Say hello to our little T-rex :) It was so cool to see the baby today at 9 weeks. I won't lie, I was an emotional roller coaster. I just wanted to see SOMETHING in there. To hear and to see was the best ever. I go in again in two weeks, just to hear the baby and reassure myself! My doctor is awesome :) He asked when I wanted to come in next and I asked him what was normal. He said about 4 weeks which would put me at about 13 weeks. But he was like, "let's have you come in in two weeks just to calm your nerves and we will see and hear the baby again."
It was so cool to see the baby kicking it's legs and it's little "T-rex" arms. Reminds me of this-
Our little big headed baby with little arms. 
And the heartbeat was just fluttering. I was just boobing, it was amazing. I can't believe it still.
So I am 9 weeks on the dot and baby is expected to arrive around February 13, 2013. Valentines baby maybe? Or on Daddy's birthday (Feb. 17)
We are so happy and excited!


8 weeks

How far along? 8 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: Lost 4-5, gained a couple back.
Maternity clothes? Nope. I did break my no sweats rule. Dude...when you're sick, you don't care...at all.
Stretch marks? No.
Sleep: I sleep great, but my dreams are CRAZY. Every. Night.
Best moment this week: Getting really sick....I know weird, but I count it as a blessing!
Have you told family and friends: Family and some friends.
Miss Anything? Eating normally...and pooping regularly hahahaha.
Movement: Not yet
Food cravings: ugh....no....food is gross.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Food in general. But I started a prescription that will let me eat more normally. It's still sometimes hard to find things that sound good.
Have you started to show yet: I feel like I have, but it's just bloating :)
Gender prediction: Girl (Randy says Boy)
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody. Grumpy all the time.
Looking forward to:
 Getting a bigger bump & finding out the gender! :)

Baby's size: My little raspberry.

6 Weeks

I've decided that I need to be documenting such fun times in our lives and I will publish these later. I just don't want to forget. Just hoping it's not jinxing me!

Monday, June 18, 2012- 6 weeks, 3 days pregnant

This time was not much of a surprise. I was cramping slightly and I just knew it. So randy drove me to Walgreens at 9 pm to get a test and I just couldn't wait until morning. I didn't have to pee, but I tried anyways. The test was fast and was positive! I was excited, but the next few weeks were an emotional roller coaster. I couldn't believe it but I was so scared and just paranoid. We went to the temple and I've been better since. I swear they thought I was crazy, sobbing in there, but it was just what I needed. We decided in the beginning to put it into the hands of the Lord and so we are just taking one day at a time. I cramp a little everyday, but I'm thinking that it is due to gas and bloating. 4 weeks was great....5 weeks was great. BOOM 6 weeks....morning sickness like mad. And I'm so grateful for it....bring it on!! I'm hoping that being sick this time is a good sign! As soon as I found out, my doctor put me on a baby aspirin to help prevent clotting and progesterone to help with development. Here's hoping it works out! I'm so excited/scared/overwhelmed/and overjoyed! So blessed!

How far along? 6 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: No clue
Maternity clothes? Nope, excited to be cute pregnant though! I refuse to wear sweats (unless I'm way sick of course :))
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: I sleep great, I get sick before bed though.
Best moment this week: Getting really sick....I know weird, but I count it as a blessing!
Have you told family and friends: Family and some friends.
Miss Anything? Not really.
Movement: Not yet
Food cravings: ugh....no....food is gross.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Food in general. I eat saltines and grapes. I did have a sandwich. I feel better when I eat, it's the finding something to eat that's hard.
Have you started to show yet:  Basically I've always had a little pooch, but it's pooch in' out a bit more :)
Gender prediction: Girl
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody.
Looking forward to:
 Getting a bigger bump & finding out the gender! :)

Baby's size: My little sweet pea.



I can't even believe how busy we are! Randy and I are both doing a summer block (6 weeks of crazy fast paced school). I don't know what we were thinking! :) It will be nice though to have another semester under our belt.

What we've been up to besides school:

1. LA! We went to Los Angeles to go to an ACN International event. It was so amazing and lit a fire under our butts. In 1 week, we doubled our team and helped many more achieve the financial freedom they've been dreaming of. I love that ACN doesn't ask you to sell anything to people who can't afford it anyways, but provides  your essential services already like cell phones, power and energy, internet, etc. And the opportunity to be your own boss and do what you would like is so freeing!

2. 7 Peaks. Like everyday. Which is hard because we both have school all day everyday! But we make it work. :)

Coming up we have no more school, trips to Oregon and Yellowstone, Weddings, Photographing weddings, engagements and so much more! 

We are so blessed to do what we love especially at such a young age. I cannot thank God enough everyday for our blessings!



This month is the month I would be due if I had not miscarried. I can't believe how FAST it has gone by. It's hard. The emotions come back every once in a while. Mostly just because I want to be a mom SO bad. But our time will come and we CANNOT wait.


Marriage is Fun

It's funny how living with someone changes you. Of course for the better!

  • I hated potatoes, cheese and symphony bars (oh the horror) before we got married, amongst other things...like mexican food. All of these I now LOVE! (which reminds me....I've got mashed potatoes in the fridge....excuse me......)
  • I was  a BIG baby. I couldn't do anything for myself. But I think that I've matured a ton! I'm not afraid to make important phone calls, ask important questions or even say NO. This is a big deal folks...I was married young iiiiiighhhttttt. ;)
  • Priorities change. You care more for your spouse and responsibilities then yourself. Pretty fascinating.
This post is going nowhere. I just thought that it was funny.

Peace and Blessings.



Well this semester is over! (officially thursday) But it's so nice! We start back up again though really soon for summer semester. Here's what I've been up to.

Photography Portfolio:( click on the photos)

Drawing to come.


About Dang Time...

Well I think it's about time for me to write again. It's amazing how busy Randy and I have been! Randy is busy with school, preparing for the Athletic Training program at BYU. He will start that program in the fall and we'll have two years or so before Chiropractic school. It's been fun to attend his Pre-Chiropractic club meetings with him, especially when there's pizza ;) But it's really been good to learn about what he will be doing and investigating schools. We're pretty set on Dallas, Texas, but we shall see!

I have been trucking away at Utah Valley University working on a Photography degree. It's been challenging because I've had to take drawing classes---If you know me...you know I can't draw to save my life. But it's actually been really cool to see that I actually CAN draw...Just takes practice! I love this quote "To be creative, we must first lose our fear of being wrong." AMAZING! Everytime we start a new project, this comes to my mind. I never want to start because I'm afraid it will turn out awful. But I'm actually not bad! So I was planning out the next couple of semesters and if all goes well, I will graduate Fall 2013! It's nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout this whole process, I've had such a difficult time justifying a degree in Photography. I don't need a degree to do photography. But we felt it was the best way for me to get a degree in general and to learn and grow in Photography. I figured I would be taking classes and workshops anyways, so it's nice to be learning so much. Another thing I've struggled with is the fact that anyone would pick up a camera and consider themselves a photographer. Which sounds AWFUL! I know....But the term for it is Momarazzi. I know that that is how I started out and still my photography can't be categorized as mega profesh, but I've made it a goal to be the most amazing photographer that I can be. Every session I do, I try and take the best pictures and capture personalities. To capture moments and freeze time for families and new families. But I've always felt like I want to do something that helps people and changes the world :) Growing up, I wanted to be a marine biologist and help the sea animals. Next a nurse, then dental hygiene. But none of that seemed to work out. Photography literally just fell in my lap. Just popped up out of nowhere. And I'm so grateful and excited about it.  I feel like maybe this is how I will change the world-Photography. I did just do a session of some little boys and their mom said that the pictures brought tears to her eyes. Um...that made my heart leap! It made me feel like I was important and can make a difference! Sometimes, I go to the temple on Wednesdays and for those of you who don't know, that's MTC day. So it's loaded with crying families. I've always wanted to go up and just take pictures for the families. Of course, no charge, but just to help them out. Anyways. I have vented....lay it on me folks.

So this last General Conference was so awesome! I always love getting answers to my questions. This time, I went with the questions of kids and family and amazingly, the whole first session (it seemed) was focused on Families! I've just learned that I need to prepare myself for a family and get ready for the responsibilities, spiritual and temporal, that it brings.

Well, other than that, we are rather quite boring. I had Spring Break (Randy did not), so I went up to Idaho to be with family and to take pictures! Check out www.Kayleighsearle.com for the pictures I took. Annoyingly, my teacher gave me a ton of homework that I was working on the whole time. But my mom, seester and brudda came down to hang out and I loved that! I love seeing them. We shopped, played Dance Central and just had fun together. Randy's friends also came down for Conference weekend and that was fun. We went to Randy's mission reunion and that is always fun. I love seeing Randy laugh and be happy around his mission buddies. Randy's friend Chase proposed to his girlfriend before they came down and that was fun to hear the news! I love his fiance and I know we will get along GREAT while them boys are sleddin'.

Randy and I bought the Insanity work out so stay tuned for super sexy bodies!
That's not going to happen. It's literally insane. But we are trying :)




I know I have been very absent. This semester has been crazy and so busy. I plan to post my photography and art portfolios for you to show you what I've been up to. But we are surviving. We are at school all the time and any spare time we have we spend together.  
Today I spent the day with Amy's kids. Four kids are a handful! But they are all so different and so fun. I've been thinking a lot about us and kids and what will happen with that. We will be meeting with the doctor next month to make sure I'm alright. But as for the hope for kids soon, I don't know about it. We never know what God has in store, but we know it's in his hands. 
Hope your Leap Day is great!


Floppy Arms

Do you remember the scene in Harry Potter (not sure which one) where he breaks his bone, then the Professor makes his bones disappear? Floppy arm??

I felt like that today....x2.

Have you ever slept on your arms all night and when you wake up, there's absolutely no feeling in them? Just floppy arms? I woke up this morning and BOTH of my arms were completely numb...all floppy like.

Usually I just use the other arm to pick up the numb one and shake it around to get the blood back flowing...but I was helpless today because BOTH were numb. So I sat up and just started rotating my body, twisting and flopping my lifeless arms around until the blood started flowing. 

And I couldn't help but laugh hysterically at myself.

I'm trying to paint a visual...but I guess you could just do it yourself. Just let your arms hang lifeless and flail them around just using the velocity of your rotating body...

I'm a nerd.

I guess you had to be there....


Year in Review

Instead of typing out a lengthy post, I'll give you summaries/highlights and the link where you can read for yourself...because the originals are better...and I'm funny in them... ;)

January: Car Accident
February: Randy's Birthday Getaway-We brought his mission buddies up to the cabin and partied :)

March: My grandma passed away and I miss her and Grandpa terribly.
April: HOUSE REDO! (the beginning)
September: Turned the big 2-1!
October: 1st Miscarriage
November: Thanksgiving! (link is in December...but the title fits the month :])

Anti-climatic?? Sorry! :)
2011 was an alright year...I've heard a lot of people say that 2011 just wasn't awesome for them and overall I agree. I had a lot of heartache and hard times. But I also had lots of fun and great family to support!! I've been greatly blessed and had many new things happen!
School turned out great! Zupas was good to me. Randy's been the best supportive husband ever! Hope that this year brings good things like a baby!! Third times a charm right??

As for last years "Resolutions" let's see how I did!
1. Begin and finish Thank You cards from wedding...By march at least. 
(I know I'm bad...I'm trying...) CHECK!
2. Do lots of photography and put my name out there. KIND OF CHECK...Become more confident in my abilities and also learn more with classes and tips. CHECK!
3. Try new things. New food, new activities and new traditions. CHECK-ishhh.
4. Become fit and love myself. 
(I know this is everyone's goal. But I want to enjoy being active and doing outdoorsy things. And by having more confidence in myself, I can improve my marriage.) WOW...sounds like my marriage was rough...which it wasn't...and not so CHECK. I didn't gain any weight though!
5. Take a vacation.
Anywhere... CHECK!
6. Fix up the house and make it a home. CHECK...for the most part.
7. Continue finding new hobbies and becoming more creative. Sure...CHECK!
8. Find my outgoing self once again and make some friends. CHECK!
Thank you to Kim and Vika, my visiting teachers and my sisters that I visit for making this happen! As for the outgoing....CHECK-ishhhh
9. Attend the temple as often as possible. CHECK!
10. Start school again. CHECK!

Not bad!!
For this year..it's pretty much the same...
1. Keep pushing the photography. Build website and portfolio. Know that I'm awesome :)
2. Become fit. Happy with myself.
3. Decorate house like I picture in my head :)
4. Keep doing well in school (4.0 baby!! I did great this semester!)
5. Be able to carry and pregnancy and if not, find out why I can't.
6. Become a better Christian. Love and spread the love.
7. Prosper with ACN and break this nervous bubble I'm in.
8. Love my husband more and more and more!
9. Attend Temple more oftener than before :)
10. Choose to be happy and make it happen!

Good luck to you with your resolutions!

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas and New Years was so nice. It was a much awaited trip home and so good to be with friends and family.

We started off with Randy's parents because they would be leaving for Hawaii later in the week. We went to Texas Roadhouse...twice in one day :) Randy loved it! We had his parents house all to ourselves which was nice. 

We went to my uncle Kents house for Christmas Eve where we do the typical nativity and open a few presents, eat and play. 

Posing for the Camera

Sheny not wanting her picture taken.

My dad too.

Check out Don's face....on the left :)

Christmas Jammies!

Our awesome new ski/snow masks from Momma :)

Talking to my Brother who's in Peru on a Mission...You can check out his blog here.

Then we went to the Cabin. Randy's parents got a new sled and I LOVE it...Wanna see my awesome skills????

I'm being dragged....because I refuse to let go. :)

NO one messes with the pro :)

New Years was great! We got together with friends and played games all night...Randy and his brother and friend played COD til two en la maƱana....Too much if you ask me! But I had my share of time wasting reading the HUNGER GAMES.
Most excellent read :)

Hope your Christmas and New Years was great!!!