MY LIFE!!!! :)

The title there is a direct quote from the lovely Alison Blaire Pierson. Our lives lately have just been so amazing that I sometimes just expect to wake up and have it be a dream.
First off, It's warming up!! Spring is almost here and it makes me so happy!! I love the sun and after months of cold dreariness, my spirits are lifted!
This is me in a nutshell.
Second, I just love how things can be so joyous and can be going right in one part of your life and that happiness and joy from it spreads out to everything else. I do believe that other's joy and happiness can affect you as well. That's why you need to surround yourself with positive people and people thate uplift you. People that make you happy. I have lots of those special friends in my life and I'm so grateful for them. To those individuals--Thank you :)
Third, service is SO amazing. Helping others and putting myself last makes me so happy because I'm focusing more on their needs and troubles instead of my own and I'm lost in the Lord's love for them. Get Prepared council has helped me so much in giving me service opportunities and I know that for the time that I am here at BYU-Idaho, I will be involved with that. I love it SO much. The members, the students we help and all the ones we serve make it worth it.
Fourth, The church is so true--it amazes me. It seems like I've had so many eye opening experiences where my testimony is strengthened and my eyes are opened to the awesomeness that the gospel of Jesus Christ provides for us. I'm so grateful for the BYU-I devotionals and their messages. Multiple times I have recieved answers and it awes me that the Lord is so aware of my needs and that the speakers know that they need to speak about those certain things. GAH! It's incredible.
Fifth, I LOVE LAUGHTER. I love happiness and I love Joy. Smiles are awesome and I highly recommend them. :)
Sixth, I LOVE MUSIC. OOOOOO my stars do I love music. Right now I'm listening to Little Secrets by Passion Pit and I'm so happy right now. Music has magical powers I've decided. Wouldn't you agree?? Seventh, I love Dragon Boys. They rock my world!!!

School is going alright. Chemistry is blowing my brains out...I'll have to retake it again so that I can feel confident with it. It will just be annoying to have to do the labs again...bleh...And I hope to take it at a later time in the day for Pete's sake. the 7:45 am class is KILLING me. Otherwise, it's keeping me busy and I need to be less lazy and work hard. I'm excited for the upcoming break and being off track. I need to look for a job though! (Now I'm listening to Don't Cry Out by Shiny Toy Guns...And I'm happy once again.) It'll be a weird transition back to home life. I'll miss my roommates. I love them so much. O MY GOODNESS!! :) So I hooked up my roommate from last semester with one of my good friends...They are now engaged!!!!! I'm awesome I know...Now I need to do that for myself!!!

AAANNNNNDDDDD the best news?! The elder gets back in 12 days....HOLY 12 DAYS!! That is so crazy. I'm nervous/excited/stressed/ecstatic/everything. It's going to be awkward I know it...But it's ok. I just got to get know him again! I've changed a ton and I know that he has too. But I know that for me it's been  for the better and of course he has so it should be quite swell!!! O life!! :)
Well blogging world, It's been a pleasure. Until next time...Peace and Blessings...Peace..and..Blessings.

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