Life as I know it

Well world, it's been a while since I've posted...and by awhile I mean longer than two weeks. :)
What's new?
I got a job and I'm so blessed to get it. I just seem to be getting the breaks and it's so nice. Cafe Zupas was opening a new location in Orem and they were looking for line servers. So I sent a resume in and got the job on the first interview! The good thing about it is that they only schedule me for mornings which I asked for too. Most of them are students so they need to work nights, but I like to work mornings because Randy is at school all morning and then we are able to spend the evening together. It's been going great and I'm making a lot of new friends. It's a lot of hours though, which is good, but I want some time to relax?!? Feel me? Holidays especially are going to suck because of course everyone wants those off. This next week I work a ton so I decided to take advantage of the break I had this weekend and went to Idaho to spend it with my familia. Soooooo good. Even if it was 1 1/2 days. :( O well. It was fun to come home to Randy though. I asked him last night if we could live in Shelley forever because I just LOVE the place. That's HOME to me and it's close to both of our parents of course. We'll see in a few years where we go and what happens.
I also got my camera!! It's a Nikon d90. (It's VERY NICE.) And overwhelming to learn how to use! I can't wait to start doing photography though. I've been having withdrawals! (I took it home and took some pictures of Keegan in his mission suit! It's crazy that he leaves in 3 weeks.) Randy surprised me with it because he said I wouldn't be getting it for awhile. Now it's my turn to surprise him....we'll see what I come up with. 
Hmmmmm what else is new? Not much. 
I'm just grateful for all that I have and how I've been so blessed. 
On  that note, I must run to work. :)
Peace and blessin's :) :)

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