Baby, Wedding and Temple trips :)

Today will be a nervous day.
Here's the sitch:
Like two days ago, I posted on Craigslist offering my services. The only one that didn't get removed (don't ask why the bridal, engagement, and family posts got deleted...Craigslist is sometimes retarted..) is the Newborn photography one. I said that I had never done it before and that I wanted practice and I got a PLETHORA of responses. So I took it down. I don't want to completely overwhelm myself! So the first one is today...in 30 minutes. 
Scared out of my mind.
Just because it's kind of a big deal. Just kind of.
So we'll see how it goes. I just hope they like the pictures and that I will do a good job. I know that I have the "skills" to do well, but first times are nerve-wracking.
Tomorrow, Randy's cousin is going through the temple and we're excited for that. She get's married the next day and I'll be taking the pictures for that. Also a bit nerve-wracking. And then Olive Garden. :) So excited!

Welp-guess what I did yesterday...I rode my bike to work. It's about 6 miles, 1 of which is completely uphill (on the way). It makes me want to throw up. But it's nice for on the way home :) I love my bike, but my bum is sore! hahaha...but seriously.

Welp-I'll be posting pictures soon of all the shenanigans :)

Peace and blessins'

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