Our Boring, Busy Lives.

Hello world...have you missed me?? :)

Well updates.

School is good. Almost over..and I can tell because my attention span is declining hardcore. 

That flu bug that's been going around....ya...we had it. 

We started our own business with ACN and we offer you the services you already use like dishTV, comcast, verizon, sprint, etc. TV, Internet, cell phones, home phones. So if you need a new subscription, come to us and support us and our business instead of corporate america! ;)

Thanksgiving was grand. We went to Idaho and saw my family and spent Thanksgiving with Randy's family in Island Park. He loved the sledding!!

We had our own little Thanksgiving with my family on sunday...

Wanna hear the sucky part...

I couldn't dig in like past years and eat like it was my last meal on this earth.

Why you ask?

I was just feeling really sick and stuff...because I'm pregnant again!


Can I just let you in on a secret (that's probably not a secret and so obvious to the world?)-I'm so terrified of the possibility of miscarrying again. This one feels a little different though so we'll see. 

But I was thinking about how I didn't tell anyone the last time because I was afraid of miscarrying. And I think it's silly. 

I wish those around me knew I was pregnant and then miscarried. I think it would have made things a little easier. But I was ASHAMED. Miscarriage is nothing to be ashamed of. YOU did nothing. YOU are not an unfit mother. It just happened-probably for the benefit of all. And talking about it afterwards actually really helped me. It may not help others, but it helped me and helped to have the sympathy of others.

So I'm telling the world. And if it happens again, I'll have my friends and family behind me

I thank God everyday for the blessing and pray for the best...will you???

Peace and Blessins'

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