About Dang Time...

Well I think it's about time for me to write again. It's amazing how busy Randy and I have been! Randy is busy with school, preparing for the Athletic Training program at BYU. He will start that program in the fall and we'll have two years or so before Chiropractic school. It's been fun to attend his Pre-Chiropractic club meetings with him, especially when there's pizza ;) But it's really been good to learn about what he will be doing and investigating schools. We're pretty set on Dallas, Texas, but we shall see!

I have been trucking away at Utah Valley University working on a Photography degree. It's been challenging because I've had to take drawing classes---If you know me...you know I can't draw to save my life. But it's actually been really cool to see that I actually CAN draw...Just takes practice! I love this quote "To be creative, we must first lose our fear of being wrong." AMAZING! Everytime we start a new project, this comes to my mind. I never want to start because I'm afraid it will turn out awful. But I'm actually not bad! So I was planning out the next couple of semesters and if all goes well, I will graduate Fall 2013! It's nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout this whole process, I've had such a difficult time justifying a degree in Photography. I don't need a degree to do photography. But we felt it was the best way for me to get a degree in general and to learn and grow in Photography. I figured I would be taking classes and workshops anyways, so it's nice to be learning so much. Another thing I've struggled with is the fact that anyone would pick up a camera and consider themselves a photographer. Which sounds AWFUL! I know....But the term for it is Momarazzi. I know that that is how I started out and still my photography can't be categorized as mega profesh, but I've made it a goal to be the most amazing photographer that I can be. Every session I do, I try and take the best pictures and capture personalities. To capture moments and freeze time for families and new families. But I've always felt like I want to do something that helps people and changes the world :) Growing up, I wanted to be a marine biologist and help the sea animals. Next a nurse, then dental hygiene. But none of that seemed to work out. Photography literally just fell in my lap. Just popped up out of nowhere. And I'm so grateful and excited about it.  I feel like maybe this is how I will change the world-Photography. I did just do a session of some little boys and their mom said that the pictures brought tears to her eyes. Um...that made my heart leap! It made me feel like I was important and can make a difference! Sometimes, I go to the temple on Wednesdays and for those of you who don't know, that's MTC day. So it's loaded with crying families. I've always wanted to go up and just take pictures for the families. Of course, no charge, but just to help them out. Anyways. I have vented....lay it on me folks.

So this last General Conference was so awesome! I always love getting answers to my questions. This time, I went with the questions of kids and family and amazingly, the whole first session (it seemed) was focused on Families! I've just learned that I need to prepare myself for a family and get ready for the responsibilities, spiritual and temporal, that it brings.

Well, other than that, we are rather quite boring. I had Spring Break (Randy did not), so I went up to Idaho to be with family and to take pictures! Check out www.Kayleighsearle.com for the pictures I took. Annoyingly, my teacher gave me a ton of homework that I was working on the whole time. But my mom, seester and brudda came down to hang out and I loved that! I love seeing them. We shopped, played Dance Central and just had fun together. Randy's friends also came down for Conference weekend and that was fun. We went to Randy's mission reunion and that is always fun. I love seeing Randy laugh and be happy around his mission buddies. Randy's friend Chase proposed to his girlfriend before they came down and that was fun to hear the news! I love his fiance and I know we will get along GREAT while them boys are sleddin'.

Randy and I bought the Insanity work out so stay tuned for super sexy bodies!
That's not going to happen. It's literally insane. But we are trying :)


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