4 weeks later.....

I cannot believe that it has been a month since we had our little man! On one hand it feels like a lifetime-like we've been here before and on the other hand, it feels like we just barely came home-lost and having no idea what we were doing! We have been so blessed. My mom was able to stay with us for a week and a half and help out with Ryker, allowing me to sleep and to recoop a bit. Then, we (me very begrudgingly) decided to go to Idaho to see family before Randy's parents left for a big trip and we got some newborn pictures done of Ryker. It was a short weekend trip and I pretty much hated it, not going to lie. It was hard being away from our home and I always hate living out of a suitcase. But Randy was able to go snowmobiling and we were able to spend time with family. We didn't tell our friends (and for that I apologize and hope you understand) because our time was so short and Ryker was still so fresh! We weren't quite ready for the "hoards" of visitors and I was quite frankly still healing and quite emotional. Anyways, after that, Randy's parents were here for a few days before they took off to New Zealand. They were able to get all their baby cuddles in.

As for my post partum-ness, I have lost 30 lbs, and I am back to my pre-pregnancy SIZE (not weight), but of course there is still work to do. I don't know if its just how I am or if it's the way the nurses massaged the (excuse me language, but it's accurate) hell out of me...it hurt so bad when the nurses were "shrinking" my uterus, but I shrank fast. I can't believe how blessed I am. I had a great pregnancy, no complications, great sleep, no swollen ankles or feet, etc.  I had a great delivery and a great recovery. I'm not getting nearly the amount of sleep I need, but I feel good! We go for walks, bike rides and jogs at least once a day.  Weather here has been awesome, I can't wait for summer! I have been nursing Ryker and its the coolest thing ever. Such a bonding experience and its been a blessing to not have to pay for formula! Plus he is chunking up and helping me lose weight. He is now 11 lbs. and growing! We will be blessing him March 24. We will be doing it here in Provo, but for some reason, I decided it would be best to do it here in our ward in Provo. Even though 80-90% of our family and friends are in Idaho. Oh well. The important part is him being blessed and recognized in the church.

Rand is such a fantastic father and husband. Like today, he took Ryker all morning and let me sleep in, cleaned the house and getting Ryker ready for the day. We have been sleep training him and nights are getting easier. Some random nights are awful with him just fighting sleep but he knows the routine! I feed him, burp, sometimes bathe, change him, swaddle him, sing "I am a Child of God" and lay him down. He can put himself to sleep. Which is a huge blessing because i know so many people have a hard time getting kids to sleep. He can hold his neck up so well already! He's been stuffed up and his eyes are getting goopy. We havent taken him to church yet and haven't had a ton of people be around him because this is as "sick" as I want him to get. Randy and I are doing well. Just adjusting to parenthood!

Please excuse my lack of prettiness :) one of those days! As you see, I still have a pooch of just looseness from being so stretched out! Hopefully with some exercise that will go away.

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