Rykers Birthday and Other Shenanigans

Hello! Long time no see! ;) This post is pretty wordy....

Let's start where we left off. Well. We have made a few trips to Dallas, Texas to look for a home. We looked at lots and lots of houses. This last trip we were going because we had put in an offer on a home (that we technically had never really seen--we had our realtor FaceTime us while we walked through--seemed good) and we wanted to see it before we purchased it. Thank HEAVENS we made that trip because we would have made a yucky choice. Pictures and videos just aren't the same as being there. They had done some weird DIY finishes to the water fixtures and there were fans in the living room--two--that didn't match. Just some random things. We had already really talked them down in price and knew that we would have to do some repairs ourselves and we didn't want to pay more just to fix the mistakes that they made. And it just didn't feel right. We were so frustrated! So we went and looked at some more houses and found one that we loved. We put in offer in but they accepted another offer. So we were done for the day and just hanging out at the hotel and I couldn't help but look at the houses that were online. There was one that popped up that had only been on the market for an hour. ONE HOUR. So I called my realtor and she said she couldn't go until 7pm. We were supposed to have our rental car back to the place by then so we were debating even going to see the home. Long story short...we went to see the house. And we loved it! It was perfect for us and in a great location. So we put an offer in and we crossed our fingers for good news. 

The next day was a travel day/recoup day (Saturday). The whole trip was crazy: Ryker was so sick the day before and day of traveling. It was so sad. He threw up on the plane, had a fever and was so lethargic (which was kind of nice because it made it easier on us that he was so sleepy--BUT SAD!) Then when we got to the hotel, they didn't have a crib....WHEN THEY SAID THEY WOULD!!!! So maddening. So we co-slept for the first time ever. Hated it. Hahahaha! I know it's great for some people but we didn't sleep at all because Ryker was all over the place and we were scared to crush him and he almost fell off the foot of the bed! He's such a monkey....even in his sleep! Luckily they had a crib for the next day. Hallelujah!

Sunday morning around 6AM, our realtor called and told us that we got the house! HOLY COW! It works out so perfect for us. We got it below asking price, we close this Thursday and they will actually be living there until we get there in May so they will be paying rent to us! Such a blessing.

Now we are working on selling our own home! Here is the listing: Our Home
MLS number: 1212476

Its hard to keep everything so tidy and presentable! We are starting to pack up and I'm debating whether or not to have a garage sale to sell all the things that we would like to get rid of. Opinions or suggestions?!?!

We did a bit of a Valentines photoshoot for Ryker and it was so cute. I'm kind of glad these turned out because his birthday ones...not so much. Here is the link with all the pictures: http://www.kayleighsearle.com/2014/02/valentines-baby/

Next: Ryker's Birthday!

We did two party's--one in Utah and another in Idaho.

First off: UTAH

We had neighbors and family come over for pizza and cupcakes. Ryker hated his cupcake. Wouldn't touch it. I SLAVED OVER THOSE CUPCAKES! ;)

The next day, we went to Idaho to celebrate Randy and Ryker's birthday's. Randy went snowmobiling and loved every second of it! We had a family birthday party and Ryker sure got spoiled! Randy too ;)

During this time, I was fighting sickness. I had found out that I was pregnant after two negative tests and finally a positive one. Finally an answer! I was only about 6 weeks when we got to Idaho but I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to tell our family at their birthday party! And boy was it. 

I can't get the video to load ;( But you can view it here: Reveal!

Karissa's reaction was hilarious. My mom was the only one I told...I'm pretty sure that my mother in law knew because I was feeling like crap. The men didn't care... :) It was funny because I turned to them and I was like, "You guys aren't even excited??" and Keegan says, "Hey, it's less pressure on me!" We've been giving him lots of crap since he's an RM and they all get the, "When are you getting married?" question. 

So as of now, I am ten weeks pregnant. I've only thrown up once which is nice because with Ryker I was pretty ill. I couldn't even get out of bed. But it's been good! I always feel like a crappy wife during this first trimester because no food sounds good so therefore I don't make dinner. No point in my book when saltines sound amazing to me. Luckily, my appetite is kind of starting to come back and I am able to help out! It's been such a crazy time with flying to Texas, trying to clean the house and getting kicked out when people want to come see it when all I want to do is lay in my bed. But such a blessing. I never thought three years ago when we started having "issues" and miscarriages that we would be able to get pregnant so easily. We are very grateful. And scared hahaha. Randy will begin Chiropractic school in May so I hope I can do this single mom thing and take care of two little ones! Obviously, it's achievable. People do it all the time :)

Well that's about it. So glad you checked up on us! Leave a comment would ya? :)


  1. I think doing a garage sale would be a pretty good idea! :)

  2. Congrats!!! That is so exciting! You make cute babies :)