Dallas Zoo-Thanksgiving 2014

This past Thanksgiving was a little different. We had so many offers to spend Thanksgiving with members of our ward family. But Randy has some classmates without family close so we decided to spend it with them. One of them had to work the day of so we celebrated Thanksgiving on the day after....but it's all the same. We had yummy food and great company! So we decided to go to the zoo on Thanksgiving. This is the Dallas Zoo. One of Randy's classmates works at the zoo or something and gave us free tickets! Can't pass up free! There was hardly anyone there, the weather was great and we saw lots and lots of animals! By the end, Ryker was done and fell asleep as soon as he hit his carseat. It was so fun to see him run around and look at the animals. He would play peekaboo and climb everywhere to get a better peek. Kids are fun--They make everything more exciting.

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  1. Super fun! I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving away from home!!!