Temple Trip and Roomies :)

So tonight was pretty amazing. Instead of staying home to do my hours of homework, (which I'll probably be up til dawn doing...*sob*) I went with my ward to the Idaho Falls temple. I really love the peace I feel there and I don't have a care in the world. I was also able to get to know my ward members better.
On a different note, I LOVE my roommates. I'm so lucky to have them. They are awesome-even if we are all a little messy and on edge sometimes, I really do love them. I can pretty much talk to them about ANYTHING. I'm so lucky to have them as I am a wee freshman in need of superior examples. ;) I need to get some pictures with them---GAH!! Next semesters roommies will be super awesome as well..I can't wait!! O college is bliss.....

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