Anytime Fitness, Blustery Days and a Gypsy Fiance

So my life has been pretty nonchalant lately. I go to bed around 9 or 10 and wake up around 8. My friend told me that my grandma-like behavior is because I'm getting married. Hmmmm...could be!
Well I've been working hard to get into shape...I'm ashamed to admit that I did gain my freshman 15! GAH! But whatever--I'm only human right!? So I'm trying to get all beautiful before the big day with the help of my gym Anytime Fitness.
 I LOVE THE PLACE. I totally recommend it to everyone. Their equipment is so good and they have everything. PLUS...their treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes have tv's on them. Totally keeps you distracted and before you know it, you've jogged 10 miles! (Not really, but it does help keep the mind off the exercising :]) But 5 lbs. so far!! Stupid female body and fluctuations. It's really hard to get up in the morning and go. I would honestly love to just sleep--but you don't lose weight that way! Wish me luck!
Idaho. Weather. Sucks. 
Why do I live here?!?! I literally feel like that dog. It's SO windy!!! And freezing.
Dear Summer,
I think you are the bees knees and I would love to see you! The cold weather is really bothering me but when you come around, everything is better. You bring so much fun like boating, swimming, barbecues, sunbathing, bonfires, exploring, swinging, flowers, green grass and blue skies, camping and so much more. Please come back. We all miss you.

O yes. Summer is bliss.
So Randy has been a trip for about three weeks now and doesn't get back until next Wednesday. He's literally driven across the country and seen all the sites like Mt. Rushmore, Council Bluffs, New York City and DC to name a few. It's the pits. He's called everyday and that's been really, really nice. It's nice now to be able to talk everyday compared to a letter every so often, so it's very good. But still lame... :( I sure do miss him.

And one last thing...
Try it.
I upgraded so that I could do even more super cool things like layering and more fonts. I've been working on ideas for my brothers graduation announcements. Here's some ideas:

It's basically the best photo editing program. (Actually, I've never used Photoshop so I really don't know--All I know is that I love this one!)
Well online world, I must say goodbye. Peace and Blessin's
p.s. I got the wire on my retainer cut off, so now I don't look like a 12 year old! Yay!!


  1. I KNOW!!! i was semi freaking out in the store lol. when is your wedding babe?