Hi. I'm Famous Kayleigh!

Guess what world? I got a job! And sadly, it is actually the first REAL job I've ever had. AND it's waitressing. Gotta start somewhere right!? ;) That's right I am a Famous server at Famous Daves where everything is RIBILICIOUS and COLESLAWSOME.
It's definitely going to be fun. I'm super nervous though. I've never waited before. :( I'm going to be praying really hard!!!
Guess what?!
I've lost 9 lbs!!!! woot woot! :) :) :)
almost got to where I want to be!!! Thanks to Anytime Fitness and Turbo Jam for the core...gotta get all sexy like for my future hubby! :P 
Well guys...I'll peace out with my new motto:
Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Peace and blessin's

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