Taco Soup, New Camera, Kitchenaid and a Special Guest

Alrighty folks. So Randy wanted to invite a couple friends over for dinner and I was all  game. I love cooking and hosting people...makes me feel proud and accomplished. So originally, I was going to do ribs. Bad idea right?? I know. So I ended up doing a taco soup that was really easy and a set it and forget it kind of a thing so I wasn't worrying about it all day.

(I would leave out the beans, it calls for alot. So if you don't like them, don't put them in. If you want light beans, just do one or the other, preferably black.)
Thank you Zupas!
Speaking of Zupas, it's going really great. I'm meeting people and having a good time. Work sucks when it's slow and it's hard getting used to a manager who's very high strung, but all well. It's a great place. Definitely the freshest place I've EVER worked in, or been to even. We prep everything in the morning, hours before we open and it's just so yummy. Come one, Come all!
I guess everyone loved it, so it was a hit! I did cornbread and then for dessert, we did a favorite of ours, Zucchini brownies....YUM!
Well today, I just decided to go out and buy my Kitchenaid standing mixer. I just really wanted it and we had the money towards Bed, Bath and Beyond (it was paid for entirely through gift cards. Thanks everyone!)
Of course, I had to take pictures with my new Camera :)
I made pretty much used it a ton today. It's perfect and I love it! I totally recommend them. 
Speaking of new camera, I brought it with me to Annalyce's (my niece) birthday party at Trafalga. Randy and I got passes that let us in to 7 Peaks, Trafalga and Orem Owlz baseball games for 25 dolla holla! Good til next october, Perfect. :)

Here's some of those pictures.

 Can you tell that this boy just makes me so happy. He's just so joyful!!! 

Hmmm here's more pictures that I've taken :)
Keegan's leaving on a mission! :( and :)

There's a huge duck pond by my house. It's pretty cool actually. All of these pictures are unedited and I just LOVE it!!! (obviously randy took my one-sy pictures. I had to add them because they are just so me!!)
Randy and I decided we wanted to go to a different temple this week. We've gone every week for the past two months and it's been a huge blessing. So we decided on the SLC temple and we're going to make a date out of it. I won a $25 dollar gift card to Olive Garden by being Fast and Friendly at work. (It's worth it peeps.) So yay us! We get to go tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT!!! This week has been pretty crazy. Ups and downs, but more ups! Hope it stays that way! I was able to switch shifts so I can actually go to the BYU game this weekend. ABOUT DANG TIME! Very stoked for that too!

I made these. I'm going to give them to my nieces...cuz I love them :)

Last but not least, remember that special guest I mentioned earlier???

Let me take you back...

Do you remember this??
(to set this up, BYU vs. UCLA. Check out the score. This was a VERY intense moment.)

He served in the same mission as Randy so he came over and had dinner with us tonight. 
He's a really funny and very humble guy. He doesn't much like talking about it and he doesn't much like being treated like a celebrity. So I tried my hardest not to take a billion pictures of him and get him to sign all I own. But what can I say, I'm proud to say he was in my home and ate my taco soup :)

Peace and Blessins'


  1. You will never regret buying a KitchenAid mixer, they are the best! Glad your dinner went well and hope you guys enjoy the temple and a night out. Next time you are up in Salt Lake stop by! If you ever want to do ribs in your crock pot, just buy a package of country style ribs (they go on sale all the time so you can get a package for around $5.00) and then cover them with BBQ sauce and cook on low. They turn out so tender and make great pulled pork sandwhiches!

  2. Manu makes Randy look kinda midgie! Glad you had a fun night.