Thirty Day Challenge--Abort???

So I realize that I don't spend a whole lot of time blogging anymore, so I've decided enough with the thirty day challenge. Now you know more about me, probably more than you wanted, but it's always fun to get to know people a little bit better. 

So. Life is busy. 

I just have too much to do to even be blogging right now. Like sleep.

A little update. 

Work is SO much better. I told my boss why I was miserable and it's been so much better. But because of it, they gave me a lot more hours. So I have a lot less time to do everything else. I just need like one day off and I'm good. But the money is nice. 

Growing up is hard to do.

My favorite line of a song, "Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up."
True dat.

Laundry is everywhere and husband was sick with the flu with nosebleeds and nightsweats. Nasty stuff. So we've resorted to the guest room til he gets better so that I don't have to wash our sheets EVERYNIGHT.
(Don't worry. It will be spick and span when you all come to visit...ehhem all married friends. And unmarried.)
p.s. ali...loved the video and the plug for the guest room. ^This was a weak attempt at that.

So ya. Laundry.

And we've been married a whole 6 months! HOLY CANNOLI!

It's the best. Really.
Wouldn't trade it for anything. I love him more and more everyday and I'm so lucky to be married!
Even if it comes with transitions and bumps in the road.

So my photography is starting to take off. Yippee!!!

Randy's birthday was last week. 22!!

So we celebrated with all his mission/college buddies. I was the only female. Randy was sick most of the time. 

But he did get to do this before his illness.

Yupp. I married a crazy. Wouldn't have it any other way.
I made him promise me at church in Island Park (sacrament was 50 minutes long because there was so many people there) that he would make me laugh for the rest of eternity and not be a grumpy bum because he makes me laugh all the time being goofy and our inside jokes. We learn more about each other everyday. And...I love his smile. It makes me happy.

The end.

Peace and Blessings

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