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Alrighty.... This post is a long time coming. I've been meaning to update for lets see...forever...
I just haven't found the time...or allowed myself too with so much other things to do.

Lets start with June..

Cara's wedding-
Randy's cousin Cara got married the very beginning of June and I had the privilege to take the pictures! She was most beautiful and it was my very first time attending a temple marriage since I've been married. It was excellent to relive those memories!

Then it was off to Park City with Randy's extended family to get to know each other better and have LOADS of fun! We stayed in a nice resort, fine dined, shopped, swam, relaxed, and played hard! Especially on the Alpine Slide, Alpine Coaster and Zipline. (Refer to post below...)
Then...basically nothing really fun that I can remember, but you can't really trust this brain of mine...get's jumbled!


July 4th was amazing. Originally my family was supposed to come down but they "eh-hem flaked eh-hem" couldn't come. They decided to do it the good old Idaho Falls way. Nothing wrong with that at all! But let me back track. So the 2nd of July was the Stadium of Fire when basically all of Provo gets together and watches fireworks-We went to Transformers then watched them from the roof of our house. Holidays get less and less exciting the older you get.

But the 4th was grand! We hung out with our neighbors on University Ave. (where the parade was going to be held the next morning.) It was crazy fun. Just chatting with neighbors and getting to know them better. Randy and I also took part in a raffle and I won a $50 gift card to a day spa and salon...wondering what I'd ever use there! :)
We also got a big surprise!
My bishop pulled up on a beast of a bike! It was so beautiful and I was so surprised to see him on it!

My 4th of July shoes :)

We rode bikes basically the whole weekend....

Yes sir he does!


So I guess it's cool in Utah for all the runners up to get the same dress...personally...I think it's lame.





THESE COSTUMES!!! Yes please!?!?!

They got the most applause...

As they should :)

Little pageant girls...gag me....

It was a great night. We stayed out way too late and got up way too early!
We went to 7 Peaks after the parade and it was not even crowded-it was a great 4th of July!

Lets see-
Work has been great! Working a lot!
We recently took a trip to Idaho-I shot rifles and shot guns...And loved it. My husband says to me, "Welcome to country life." 

We've just planned out our 18 day vacay to Idaho in August. We will be celebrating our 1st Anniversary! Can you believe it?!?!
We can't wait to go to Island Park, Yellowstone, the Playmill, see our friends get sealed for Time and all Eternity, and relax :)

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