I'm still here I promise :)

I'll just give you a little summary of the last month!

1) We went to Idaho for 2 1/2 weeks. So grateful for Zupas and them letting me go! We spent time in Yellowstone, Island Park and Shelley. We took lots of pictures and rented a really nice lens to do that with :) We went boating and watched football. We saw friends and celebrated weddings and people in love. Including us! We celebrated our 1st anniversary! Woot Woot! 

Mile High Stadium-boooo broncos :)

two top...where we got engaged :)

Go to here for a couple Yellowstone pictures.

I loved catching up with friends that we miss so much. 
1. Ali and Chase.
 LOVE THEM. I swear that Ali and I are twins switched at birth...that look nothing alike. I really just love being around her and talking about everything. Miss her a lot. 
2. Kallie and Dusty. 
Dusty is a new friend, but Kallie loves him...so we do too! hahaha no he's a great guy. We went to their wedding, luncheon and reception and when he was talking about them and their relationship leading up to marriage, I got all choked up and warm fuzzy inside. He's a great guy for her! Miss Kallie looked GORGEOUS on her wedding day. DANG GINA!
3. Kassidy and Cody.
 SO glad they're getting married and can't wait to go celebrate that with them this weekend. I went to Kass' bridal shower while we were up there and it was so much fun to just sit and chat and talk about the life she is about to embark on! Good times ;)
4. Ty and Natalie. 
Can I just say that I love this couple. They are so in love and it's so fun to see. Ty is one of Randy's mission companions. And Natalie is so fun. I hope to become closer to her in the future.

2) School started. Yuck. I haven't been back for a whole year and I was SOOOOO scared for my first day. Because Satan is a bully and put scary thoughts in my head :( But Randy gave me a blessing and all went well. The transition from play to work and school was a smooth one. I'm doing photography and loving the classes. Lots of memorization and thinking though. Dang Art Degree :P

Basically that is it...If I gave you a detailed summary, we'd be here til the world ends (which according to the mayans is real soon, so thank me that you won't be stuck here when that rolls around! :) )

Peace and Blessins'

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