Lord I'm Grateful

So grateful for this last weekend. Randy and I have basically felt like we were in a limbo. We have finals this week, we just miscarried again, and trying to decide how to start this new year. Friday, we went to the temple to prepare for Stake Conference. It was so nice to be there and just feel the spirit. I felt like I wasn't so good at the paying attention part because the miscarriage was fresh on my mind. But it was just good to sit and feel the spirit. Just to sit in the temple and know all is well. Saturday we had the Adult session of conference. Elder M. Russell Ballard was presiding so that was so neat to have him there. I love that anytime an apostle or the prophet enters the room, immediate spirit. I learned a lot about having faith and turning your troubles and burdens over to the Lord. I feel so comforted in the decisions I've made since this weekend...I know it's only Monday, but a lot has happened. :) Hopefully finals turn out well and we'll just be able to relax. That's what I need most right now. Can't wait to see friends and family at home and celebrate this christmas season.

In reflection over this year, I can only say just how grateful I am for all we've been blessed with. I have grown so much I feel just in the last 6 months with all that's happened. You have to love adulthood and the responsibilities and challenges it brings. But with God, all things are possible. We are so grateful for family and all they do for us. We love our neighbors and learning to love the ward we're in and those who bless us. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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