Christmas 2011

Our Christmas and New Years was so nice. It was a much awaited trip home and so good to be with friends and family.

We started off with Randy's parents because they would be leaving for Hawaii later in the week. We went to Texas Roadhouse...twice in one day :) Randy loved it! We had his parents house all to ourselves which was nice. 

We went to my uncle Kents house for Christmas Eve where we do the typical nativity and open a few presents, eat and play. 

Posing for the Camera

Sheny not wanting her picture taken.

My dad too.

Check out Don's face....on the left :)

Christmas Jammies!

Our awesome new ski/snow masks from Momma :)

Talking to my Brother who's in Peru on a Mission...You can check out his blog here.

Then we went to the Cabin. Randy's parents got a new sled and I LOVE it...Wanna see my awesome skills????

I'm being dragged....because I refuse to let go. :)

NO one messes with the pro :)

New Years was great! We got together with friends and played games all night...Randy and his brother and friend played COD til two en la maƱana....Too much if you ask me! But I had my share of time wasting reading the HUNGER GAMES.
Most excellent read :)

Hope your Christmas and New Years was great!!!

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