Floppy Arms

Do you remember the scene in Harry Potter (not sure which one) where he breaks his bone, then the Professor makes his bones disappear? Floppy arm??

I felt like that today....x2.

Have you ever slept on your arms all night and when you wake up, there's absolutely no feeling in them? Just floppy arms? I woke up this morning and BOTH of my arms were completely numb...all floppy like.

Usually I just use the other arm to pick up the numb one and shake it around to get the blood back flowing...but I was helpless today because BOTH were numb. So I sat up and just started rotating my body, twisting and flopping my lifeless arms around until the blood started flowing. 

And I couldn't help but laugh hysterically at myself.

I'm trying to paint a visual...but I guess you could just do it yourself. Just let your arms hang lifeless and flail them around just using the velocity of your rotating body...

I'm a nerd.

I guess you had to be there....

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