I can't even believe how busy we are! Randy and I are both doing a summer block (6 weeks of crazy fast paced school). I don't know what we were thinking! :) It will be nice though to have another semester under our belt.

What we've been up to besides school:

1. LA! We went to Los Angeles to go to an ACN International event. It was so amazing and lit a fire under our butts. In 1 week, we doubled our team and helped many more achieve the financial freedom they've been dreaming of. I love that ACN doesn't ask you to sell anything to people who can't afford it anyways, but provides  your essential services already like cell phones, power and energy, internet, etc. And the opportunity to be your own boss and do what you would like is so freeing!

2. 7 Peaks. Like everyday. Which is hard because we both have school all day everyday! But we make it work. :)

Coming up we have no more school, trips to Oregon and Yellowstone, Weddings, Photographing weddings, engagements and so much more! 

We are so blessed to do what we love especially at such a young age. I cannot thank God enough everyday for our blessings!

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