Summer Nights

So Randy and I haven't been very much fun this summer...I blame me being sick and all. But the other night, we decided to go up to the canyon to watch the meteor shower. Randy neglected to tell me that it was cloudy....all day. But regardless, we decided to go and see if it would clear up. We stopped to get frozen yogurt, something I'm craving daily, then headed up Provo Canyon. We stopped at Bridal Veil Falls and it was so nice to be outside, sucking up the natural air. I loved walking hand in hand with my husband as we talked about the baby and our lives. We sat by the falls for about 30 minutes and just enjoyed it. Then it started to rain and I was thinking, "Great. We aren't going to last long out here or see any showers." I also felt bad because we could have been helping out my sister in law watching our niece that night. But we still decided to go up and wait out the rain. 
So we drove to a park we like out in the boonies and saw lots of deer. It had stopped raining and even started clearing up a bit and I was so excited! When Randy and I were dating, we would always lay out and look at the stars. I remember even when he was on his mission (beware....hokey cheesy alert), that I wished on a shooting star that I would marry Randy Searle...so I love the stars :) Again, it was so nice to snuggle with my honey and just talk and laugh and be care free. I love just sitting and talking, learning more and more about my husband. 
While we were laying there, two girls were walking by and as soon as they saw us snuggling and stuff, they got silent, then started giggling. Just made me laugh thinking that they were maybe assuming we were dating or single students. But we are married and can do what we want-Kapeeesh???? :)

The sky had cleared and we could start to see stars. But Randy and I were both falling asleep because we are like old fogies. :) So we ended up not even staying to watch the stars as guilty as I feel admitting. But I still enjoyed the little date Randy and I had and so grateful for the time we had together. 

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