Calling all Moms!!!

First off, a little update on the little dude. He is kicking lots! Randy and family members have felt strong kicks/punches/etc. from him and I love to see the joy on their face and love being able to share that experience with them too!

Randy is crazy busy with school and Athletic Training at Utah Valley University. He's super annoyed with his Humanities class (who isn't) and how crazy difficult they make a gen. ed. course. But I'm trying to help him as much as I can! I am busy with photography. I have the most fun in my studio lighting class because I believe it's helping me be a better photographer and I want to use strobes and flashes in my future photography. My film photography class is taking way too much of my time. The labs are never open so I'm usually on campus from 7-10pm and it's tiring! I'm really trying to just truck through the semester and will be glad when it's over. 

I have a TON of photography sessions coming up too--along with designing announcements! I can't wait to share with you! It's really hard to balance that with my schooling, but I want to do as much as I can (without wearing myself out) before the baby comes. I will also be looking at changing my pricing as well. But I love it---just a balancing act!

Well--my real motivations for writing this post is to ask for some opinions and I guess help. I'm really wanting to get ready for this baby and get the big things all ready (i.e. crib, stroller, carrier, etc.) but I have NO IDEA where to even begin! There are so many options! Here's where you come in...hopefully you'll help :) Will you tell me what strollers, carriers, car seats, diapers, etc. you use and why you like them?? I don't want you to feel obligated to write paragraphs, but just tell me what works best for you. I know it's different for everyone, but it will be nice to have a starting point!

So comment on the blog, comment on FB, email me if you want to! (Kaysearle7@gmail.com). I just have NO CLUE how to begin!!

You guys are awesome. Social media is a great resource eh??? :)

Peace and Blessins'

P.s. We have 16 50 lb. boxes of potatoes left. They will last til January and be especially nice for the holidays (think Thanksgiving and Christmas people!!). It's a great deal!! $20 dolla holla :)


  1. Hola Babe,
    So, our crib is a hand-me-down, our changing table was from Hidden Treasures (I sanded it down, primed, and re-painted), and our stroller/carseats were from Walmart. They are Graco (not my fav... the wheels suck and frustrate me.. hard to drive it. I much prefer a $15.00 Umbrella stroller.. lighter, portable, less bulky, does the same job).

    In my true and honest opinion, kids are rough on things, so don't go wild spending money. With Andy, we bought a super expensive, top of the line, Safety First covertable carseat and I HATE it. Plus, Andy hates it...it really isn't comfortable. It is HUGE and bulky... I love the $49.99 carseat from Walmart better. One thing I DO love and recommend is a Moby wrap. I have a sling and an over the shoulder baby carrier, but the Moby wrap is the most comfortable and there are just times when you can't put them down without screaming and Mommy needs her hands. :)

    As far as diapers, I'm a Huggies fan, and hate Pampers (Livvie and Andy both leak through Pampers like crazy), but Parent's Choice does the job also. I'm a big Sam's Choice or Kirkland bulk-wipes, and I'd say don't buy formula until you get home from the hospital. We bought a couple different kinds prepping for Livvie, but wouldn't you know it: She can only tolerate Similac Sensitive (or the generic)... wait and see what the kiddo needs. I love the Gumdrop pacifiers, although Andy didn't ever take a pacifier. This is weird and specific, but I love the zip-up jammies over the button up jammies and furthermore, the sleep sacks/gowns just make life SOOO much easier for the midnight changings...nothing like being annoyed with a wiggly baby and millions of snaps in the middle of the night (hence quick zippers and gowns!). Hmmm... what else? Eh, I'll think about it some more. Those are just my thoughts. :) Hope they help. :) Shine

  2. Tried to comment earlier, I'm not sure if it worked so sorry if there is a double. We didn't get a changing table and I think it was the right move. I'm changing diapers all over the house, not ever in his room.But if it is part of a dresser or some useful storage then maybe I would have? I bought a little baby bath tub and used it maybe twice before I realized it was much easier without one. I LOVE my Baby Trend carrier and stroller combo. I really liked the Pampers in sizes NB-2 but after that it was Huggies for me. I didn't receive any newborn size clothes as gifts and it surprised me how long my giant baby wore newborn size (1month) and I didn't have any. Yours will probably be in them a little longer so maybe a few basics like onesies and zip up jammies would be a good thing to pick up. Baby shoes are super irresistible but I have several unused pairs that are now too small because he won't wear any of them and probably wont until he walks. I don't know if very many people would agree with me but I think my best parenting move was not letting Oliver sleep in our room at all, ever. They make so many little noises and it will keep you up all night checking on him for no reason. He has been in his crib in his own room since day one and he sleeps best there, and I sleep best in my room. Good for everyone involved.

    I felt safe buying a car seat, stroller, and crib before my shower because I knew those weren't things I would be receiving from family or friends and I couldn't help but buy cute little outfits now and then even before the shower. But I received a lot of bath stuff, wash and lotion, diaper rash cream, blankets (TONS of blankets)some toys, and obviously clothes. I think with it being your first baby it will be impossible not to shop for things because it's a long 9 months and waiting for that baby is a killer. So just keep receipts and if you get a double at a shower then return it.

    I'm so excited for you, Kayleigh! Sorry about the long response.

  3. Well, let me be the first (of MANY more to come) to offer you conflicting advice :)

    I LOVE our diaper changer. It is the single most used item we got for this baby. It's so nice to have an area where all of his diaper things are in one spot. Especially during those first few weeks where you are changing their diaper around the clock.

    We love our carseat/stroller set. It's one where you keep the base in the car and can take the carrier out and put it in a stroller. It's so nice to not have to wake him up when we get home from a car ride and he is sleeping. I did a lot of research before picking it out and this one had the best reviews for everything: easy to use, safety, light, etc.


    Some more conflicting advice: We loved having Axton in our room in a bassinet. I would really suggest getting a bassinet. He slept in his till he was 3 months old. Because I was breastfeeding, it was a lifesaver to have him right next to me (but still in his own space) so I didn't have to get up everytime I needed to feed him. During the first month there were several times we would just fall back asleep nursing together and when I would wake up an hour later, I would just quietly lay him back in his own bassinet. Easy peezy. Plus, (again, so many different opinions out there, but here's mine) SIDS is a real thing. I think it's a good thing that you are checking on your newborn quite often throughout the night. Babies that sleep in the same room as you have a lower risk of SIDS. I think him sleeping in a bassinet is a really nice compromise between being in another room and co-sleeping.

    If you are planning on breastfeeding for longer than 3 months, I would highly suggest getting an electric breast pump (mine is a playtex and I really love it). It is so nice to have a pump for when you are first starting out to help relieve some of that pressure. Then you can save the extra milk for when you are ready to start leaving him with a babysitter or grandma. I've started to pump once everyday now because I give Axton a bottle of breastmilk with a little bit of rice cereal added to it to slowly introduce him to solids. We use Dr. Brown's Evenflow bottles and they are great.

    I do not like parent's choice diapers, huggies are okay, but our favorites are actually Costco's brand, Kirkland diapers. They are the cheapest out there and they work great.

    My mom bought us a swing and it is also a lifesaver. It's so nice to have a place to put him when I need to set him down somewhere. It plays music and has a mobile and he LOVES it, and has since he was 3 days old. They are expensive, but we got a good deal on a used one.

    I would also suggest getting a designated swaddler (rather than just using a blanket) because when they get older they can wriggle out of them easily. This is the one we have and I recommend it over any other swaddler on the market - it works better than any of the ones with velcro or anything else. Axton sleeps way longer when he is in this than when he's not.It really is a "miracle blanket."


    Well this is long enough, if I think of anything else I will just email you! or you have any other questions let me know.