Baby, Halloween and Voting


I just thought I would update. I always have things on my mind that I want to post but don't have access to a computer and then I forget...super frustrating!

Well- I am 25 weeks and almost down to double digit days until we meet our munchkin! 103 days right now. It's crazy how close we are. And how unprepared we are hahaha.

How far along? 25 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: 10 lbs. I've been so blessed too. My nurses were actually commenting on how tiny I was. I've been pretty good at walking and doing yoga.
Maternity clothes? Yes! Mostly just jeans...so much more comfortable. I tried on I swear like 50 pairs and bought only 5. But only a couple shirts. I love dressing the bump!
Stretch marks? Yes :( Just like one or two light ones though.
Sleep: It's on and off.
Best moment this week: Baby kicking and moving all the time!
Have you told family and friends: Yes. I'm sure the whole world knows now :)
Miss Anything? Energy. I'm always tired.
Movement: Yes! I love it.
Food cravings: Candy...sweets...you know--the healthy stuff ;)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. Still can't do mexican food though....authentic mexican.
Have you started to show yet: You betcha! (please excuse the bad picture)
Labor Signs: Some braxton-hicks. But nothing crazy.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On, but I can tell I am starting to swell a little bit. Especially my feet.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! I'm so blessed.
Looking forward to:
 Meeting him :)

Baby's size: My little rutabaga! 

For Halloween, Randy and I didn't do anything very festive as far as Halloween goes. I'm such a Halloween scrooge right now and can't justify buying bags of candy just to hand out. Plus-I get super annoyed when kids 12 and older come trick or treating. Or when they aren't even dressed up--seriously?! Maybe it's just because I don't have kids yet to enjoy the season--or maybe I am just mean :(
So we went to a Jazz basketball game with our neighbors Mark and Kim. I'm thinking that we'll always celebrate Halloween together because last year, we just camped out at their house for the night. But the game was great! Row 12 seats, good company and good game. It was so nice to get out and have a date night since Randy and I haven't for a LONG time. Just always so busy and tired :(

I'm loving school right now--and hating it. It's crazy that the semester is almost over. I'm loving what I'm learning but it is super stressful and super fast paced which is nuts. Here are some of my most recent studio sessions.

Check out www.Kayleighsearle.com/blog for my most recent sessions for my photography business.

Well-something that's been on my mind that I must vent--you can tune out if you want. It's political, but not in a crazy sense. It's mostly just my thoughts on voting and the future of our country-Very elementary.

I was reading in my campus' newspaper and they were asking students about voting but also comparing and saying that students care more about celebrities than the future of our country and who to vote for. American Idol get's way more votes than the Presidential vote. People worship celebrities and don't give any attention to what is going on with the country! Quote: "I don't even care, "said an anonymous student." I don't have an opinion about politics and I don't care to hear anyone else's. Obama says nothing I can relate to, but Taylor Swift does." WHAT THE?!? Here's another quote, "I'm not particularly interested in politics...They make everything so complicated. If they made it so that I could understand what they were talking about, I would be much more interested."  UGHHHHHHH.
I believe that it's up to us to become informed. It's up to us to not be lazy and to take the effort to learn and to be informed. WE are the future of this country and if we can't understand politics and government, we are screwed. Ron Paul-past presidential candidate-has so many things that I agree with. He recently came to UVU and spoke: (underlined what I agree with)

"Paul spoke on myriad issues facing the nation, offering his beliefs and suggestions to resolve the problems. Paul said that the American people cannot afford to give the responsibility of their lives to the government, and that many problems could be solved if individuals took responsibility for their actions.

“In a free society, the responsibility is on each and every person,” Paul said. “You can’t give the responsibility to the government, or they’ll screw it up . . . If you’re a true American, you support responsibility.”

Quoting Benjamin Franklin, Paul said, “Freedom doesn’t work if you don’t have a moral society.

Paul spent a large portion of his speech outlining what he identified as failures of the welfare system and tax system. He said he believes people should help one another, but the government should not be the moderator of welfare.

“Get rid of the Federal Reserve and get rid of the income tax,” Paul said.

While his supporters were comparatively small in number to other presidential candidates, Paul explained that he is optimistic about the future and the attitude of the nation. He praised students and young people for their use of technology to communicate and move ideas forward. He identified self-awareness and educating others as what will be the driving force for change in the future.

“The individuals, as they improve themselves, can improve others,” Paul said." 

I don't believe that one person (as president) is going to change this country. It's up to each of us to do our part: to educate ourselves, to be grateful for what we have and for what privileges we enjoy, to be responsible for ourselves and our actions, to not feel entitled and help those around us. We need to learn  the basics now so we can teach them to our kids! I have a very strong testimony on that and in fact have amazing revelation in my patriarchal blessing that mentions the Constitution and the hand of God in the founding of our nation--how we need to teach our children because the credit due to those that founded this country are being lost and taken out of textbooks. It gives me CHILLS!

Phew. I can relax now. 
Forgive me for being so nuts, but it needed to come out! I plan on voting today--how about you?!

Peace and Blessins'

P.s. Thank you to all those that commented and helped out with the last post! You're awesome.

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