4 Weeks left!!!

Guys....it's finally dawning on me that there is a person (LET ME REPEAT--A PERSONNNNNN) in my body and that I have to push this person out of me.

THERE IS A HUMAN LIFE IN MY BODY....It's almost incomprehensible and so amazing and miraculous at the same time. It's so crazy to feel him move and think that soon I get to hold that little wiggle-worm.  

Well, all baby showers are now over and I have so much to be thankful for.  My mother put on two fabulous showers and I am so grateful for her and her hard work to make it awesome for me. My sister-in-law also planned an open house for me for all my Utah friends and family and again I'm so grateful.  I started crying after everything was packed up because we are so blessed. We have wonderful family and friends that do so much for us and have provided us with everything we need for baby to get here.  I can't even thank you enough for your friendship! 

We are ALMOST all ready to go.  We have to pack our bags (baby's is all packed...not much there :)) and be ready for when the time comes! I've been contracting all day everyday, but not frequent enough to do anything about. My body is just getting ready. We also have an all day class this Saturday to familiarize us with all things baby and be ready for his arrival. Once we do that and install the carseat, we are set!!! It's crazy that it's almost here.......AHHHHHH!!

I'm slightly freaking out. We went to the hospital the other night so that we knew were to go, registered, looked at the rooms (not very hospital like--quite nice!) and just asked some basic questions.  The nurse was super nice and awesome and explained the epidural and birthing procedures. I'm not lying when I say that my heart started racing. I'm getting nervous! But they are so kind and will just walk me through everything when the time comes. HOLY CRAP! :) The room we toured was actually the natural birthing room with the jetted tub and birthing ball. I am tempted.....

Well in other news, I just got put into Young Womens as a Beehive advisor and it's been a humbling experience.  It's also tried my patience.  I'll just leave it at that. 

I have thank you notes and photo sessions to complete before the baby comes so that's all for now!

Peace and Blessins'

Babies quilt! Almost done--Thank you to my awesome mother in law for doing it for us!

Almost completed baby's room-Still need curtains and I'm planning something fun :)

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