A (boring) Year in Review 2012

Well another year has come and gone! So crazy!

January-April: started a new semester and it was rough! I had to draw.... I don't draw. But I got through it and actually did pretty well for having no drawing talent. I also took a photography class and learned a ton! (This whole year I've actually grown a ton in my photography and it's so great to see!)
Randy was of course just busy with preparing for the Athletic Training Program. He's such a good student and really works hard.

May-August: SUMMERTIME! Boy do I love summertime. But this year, Randy and I both did first block classes so our summer didn't really start until Mid June. I had my first film photography class and loved it. Film is really so fun and a process that is just awesome for creating. You are in control of EVERYTHING. It's so different than digital for sure. 
This semester was a bit rough because May was the month we would have been due if I had not miscarried the October before. It was hard when everyone had their babies and I wasn't. BUUUUUUUT----The semester was more difficult because I was so sick----from being pregnant!! I remember the day I found out. So Randy and I were technically waiting to start trying again for insurance purposes, but I was really struggling with being told when I could or could not start my family. I felt like we needed to be trying. We finally talked about it and Randy said, "Let's leave it up to the Lord." It was nice not having and pressure to get pregnant but just let it happen. And WHAMBAM! We got pregnant like the first try. I had a feeling I was. While at school, I was getting these weird twingy cramps and I was just thinking, "I'm pregnant". So it was on my mind all day and finally at 9PM, I made Randy take me to Walgreens to get a test and it was positive! It was surreal and we are so excited! 
In June, we went with Randy's immediate family to the Oregon Coast. That was rough being pregnant, throwing up, not eating, and driving for hours on winding roads. But I eventually got some medicine that helped with the nausea a bit and the trip was much more enjoyable. The fresh coastal air was amazing! We went to a couple beaches, including the one from The Goonies! I also watched that movie for the first time on that trip and hated it. I just thought it was dumb :(  But I also got to watch all of the Back to the Future movies and those I loved! We flew kites on the beach, went to an aquarium, saw beautiful lighthouses, went to the Portland temple, took pictures of beautiful waterfalls (Multnomah and Shoshone) and the men went tuna fishing on rough sea waters. Let's just say they were sick for a bit but Randy says it was well worth it! Thank you Amy for a well-planned trip and for all the fun we had!

I also officially started my Photography business: registering the business (yay for taxes...), created a website and got the ball rolling. It feels a lot better actually being a legit business and not just a girl with a camera ;) I did lots of weddings, engagements, family and other sessions.

We spent the 4th of July in Island Park. I love that place. Nature rocks. We also did a Yellowstone/Island Park trip with Randy's co-workers. I love Yellowstone and I love the Playmill. We had lots of fun. 

In August we started another semester and Randy started his clinicals for Athletic Training at UVU for the Track/Field teams and Cross Country. It was nice having him nearby...and for his employee parking ;)

September-December: We found out we were having a boy, I grew and got stretchmarks, and we both went to school :) Exciting huh??

We have had a wonderful year with so many blessings and opportunities! We can't wait for 2013 and see what it has in store!

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