Holy Shenanigans

Holy COW! It's been a whopping 5 months since I blogged.....yikes!! I had a nice friend say that I needed to update (which I knew I did...I was just dreading it because it had been so long!) but it's nice to know that people care and that people actually read this darn thing!

Well....I guess lets get started.

Our summer:
I had lots of photo sessions when I went up for that two week break (previous post). Someday I will be caught up on my website too :( I guess I was just so busy with class, baby and wifeyness that life just overtook everything else! I did the summer semester at UVU so that I would be graduated and done with school while Randy was so busy with Football season this fall.  So glad I did! It was super hard to leave my 3 month old with babysitters to feed him and put him to bed.  But he survived and so did I! I eventually graduated with a 3.77 GPA and on the Dean's list (high honors for UVU). HOLLA! But we really didn't do anything fun this summer because Randy had sports camps and class and I had class and baby to play with :)
Speaking of baby...here's lots of posts of him....you're all here for him anyways ;)

3 months: 

4 months: 

5 months:

6 months:

7 Months:
(Journal Entry)
I cannot believe it! My little man is 7 months old! He sits up on his own and "swims" to get around (he looks like he is doing the breast stroke and scooting around).  He hasn't quite gotten the crawling thing down.  In time! He's starting to stand up around the couch and at the bottom of the stairs.  He loves the water--he's always been good with baths. He wakes up about 3-4 am (since he started teething) to eat, but that's ok! He has two bottom teeth and they're so cute! No luck trying to capture a picture of it! He talks a lot but no words.  He is such a happy baby.  We are very lucky. He is 17 lbs. and 27"! He's pretty good with baby food (we didn't start until 6 months) and cheerios.  Still working on the bigger foods.  He is still nursing too.  He can drink from a sippy cup with help.  He doesn't understand he needs to hold it up to get the water in his mouth! He does well with most food.  Not a huge fan of veggies...but who is??? :) He loves sweets!

He is growing too fast!!!

Randy has begun his crazy and super fun time with the BYU football team.  He loves the players and the experience he is having.  He's not as excited about waking up at 4 am to work and class and such but I'm so grateful for him and all of his hardwork!

oh ya...I cut my hair :)


  1. Yea! Thanks for updating! I can't believe how big he has gotten. He's adorable!

  2. Oh my cuteness - the picture of Randy and Ryker sleeping in their Sunday clothes is so cute! I can't believe how fast he has grown; he looks more and more like his dad :)