I swear I always start off with saying this but HOLY COW!!!

We have been CRAZY busy.  Let's see. (Picture dump at the end of the post)

I got my wisdom teeth out a week before Thanksgiving. And an implant for my missing tooth. Now I have this cool metal gap in my mouth waiting for a custom tooth! I did it up in Idaho and it was so nice to be with family. It was Randy's family's turn for Thanksgiving this year so we spent lots of time with them. Randy's sister came all the way from Virginia and it's so fun to see their family and how much the little ones have grown. We took some family pictures and they turned out great! Baron Photography in Shelley did them if you're ever looking for a studio photographer.

(Just focus on Ryker...Randy and I are awkward :))

Hmmmm what happened next. Not much until Randy finished the semester. My family came down the week before Christmas to open presents and do christmas things with them before we left for San Francisco. Randy was chosen to travel with the BYU football team as one of the student athletic trainers to help with the Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco. Ryker and I were so blessed to be able to go with him since Randy would be there for Christmas. So grateful for them, taking such good care of us over the holidays. Ryker did so well with the traveling. We have such a good boy! (I cannot say that enough!)

Well we landed and literally took off straight for Idaho so we could spend time up there and Randy could go snowmobiling...for three days straight!

Well. We returned from that whirlwind of a trip to spend three days at home before leaving for Las Vegas. The chiropractic school that Randy will be attending puts on a seminar and we went and enjoyed all things chiropractic. Can I just gush about chiropractic for a bit? I'm so glad to have been introduced to such an amazing field. I know that the body can heal itself and I know that we don't take advantage of that possibility! Most people think that chiropractors just crack backs and necks and send you on their way but that is not the case! They deal with the nervous system and they "adjust" and re-align you so that your nerves can send the right signals to your body. OH it's so amazing. It's the first doctor we go to unless it's an emergency.

Next up?? DALLAS, TX. We got back from Las Vegas and spent the next 4 days prepping to go to Dallas to go look at houses. What an adventure! We decided not to take Ryker so that we would be able to go and do as much as possible and it was a good choice. But it was sure hard on this momma! Our schedule was all over the place! We saw SO many houses and apartments but ultimately didn't find a home. I came back very disappointed and feeling like we wasted our time there. But we will see what the Lord directs us to. We are still looking and debating another trip back.

While I was in Texas, my mother called and told me that my Grampy Pete had passed away. It was a total shock. She asked if I would go with her to Maine to attend the funeral and such and I had to say yes. I didn't know if I would ever honestly have the chance to go back.

It was such a good experience to go and see my family and to say goodbye to my Grampy. I had a hard time with his passing because I was feeling guilty that I did not know him very well. With me being in Idaho and him in Maine, I never made the effort to really keep in contact with him. But I do love him so much and wish so bad to hug him one last time. It was quite the experience. Humbling and overwhelming too. Ryker came with us and he was such a good boy. We got so many compliments on how well he traveled. All of our family members just loved being around him and his sunny disposition.  

Ryker has about had it with not sleeping in his own bed and not having regular naps! He slept for three hours straight today and then took another hour nap. One lucky momma. We've sure got him trained!

While we are talking about him: He is almost one!!! Next month, my little baby turns one. It is so crazy to think of how fast this year went by! I swear he was just born, but it also feels like eternity. Everyone still compliments on how much he looks like Daddy. But in Maine, I got so many remarks on how he looks like me too. I think he's a good mixture. He sure is a Mommy's boy but sure loves on Daddy when he's home from school. We call him our monkey because he is always getting into everything and climbing on everything. What's funny too is that he LOVES bananas. He is overall a super good eater and will eat most anything we give him. He has four teeth- two on top and two on bottom. He can stand but refuses to walk unless he uses his walker. He waves bye and loves peek-a-boo. He is super social and isn't afraid of strangers. He gives kisses and snuggles and back scratches. He LOVES to sing too. He sings all the time which I love and we sing together. He is seriously a blast and I love him to death!!! I cannot believe how lucky I am to have such a sweet little boy.

It's so very nice to be home and to be able to relax and have time to be with Randy. We are getting the house ready to sell and about to put it on the market. Anxious but ready.

We are very blessed and life is swell!

P.s. Remember this post??? Well a little update on that. I lost 8 lbs. and 8 inches all over my body. The before and after is amazing in my eyes...beware its a little revealing! I can't say that I have been very successful the last 21 days with all of the traveling and all. With traveling comes eating out and crazy schedules so I tried to do the best I could but I am ready to hit it hard again. I'm proud to know that I can do hard things and will continue to work at it!

Christmas sweater! What a HAM!

He loves to get food all over himself....bathtimes are usually after dinner times :)

His hair...his face...it kills me!


Sorry it's sideways but I made these for our bedroom. Randy really likes the quote on the right so I decided to make a print to hang on our wall.

Texas...boring eh?

I made an elephant with a passenger in Sunday school. It was lots of fun!

That whoopee pie is bigger than my head....let that sink in!

Grampy's Mass/Funeral. Pretty interesting experience!

Loving on cousins :)

Uncle Peter

Aunt Lolly

With Grammy Pat

Aunt Barbie

Bike ride to the Golden Gate bridge!

Huge Macy's christmas tree in San Francisco

Just talking on the phone

Fun at the cabin!

Peace and blessins'

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  1. I love all the pictures!! I'm glad you had such good holidays!