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What have we been up to???

I'll post some highlights here and then do separate posts for the big stuff.  (Those are below this post!)

Ryker and I have been walking 1-2 miles almost every morning. Depends on when he wakes up or if the weather is cooperative. Sometimes at 8am in the morning it feels like 90 degrees and no body wants to walk in that! I've started to slow down now that I've hit the 30 week mark of pregnancy. No more 15 minute miles. And I can't walk as far now because I need to be close to a potty. Little one sure likes to play with that bladder!

We have been enjoying the summer although it's super hot. Apparently this is a mild year but it's still roasting hot. Ryker gets red and clammy really quick so making sure we are all getting our liquids down is important! It's kind of the opposite of Utah winters. Everyone stays inside during the day because it's so hot but in the winter, it's not so bad! Randy says he's looking forward for 50 degree days in December. I'm such nazi with the AC though. I keep the house kind of toast because I don't want to pay for the AC being on 24/7!

We have playing at friends houses and watching movies, eating popcorn and just playing. It's good for Ryker because I think he gets sick of Mommy all day. We have tried out some splash pads but Ryker isn't a huge fan of them. Loves the playground but we can only go on cooler days or later at night so we don't get heat exhaustion or burned on the toys.

We have established our routines I think! I plan meals for two weeks and then go grocery shopping at ALDI. Have you heard of ALDI?!? I LOVE it. It keeps our grocery bills down and it's super close. We could technically walk if we wanted to! There's a WinCo going in around the corner too so hopefully we get to use it before we leave.

Ryker is getting super big! He's now in a Twin bed and sleeps great. We have had a few nights where he has falling out. It amazes me how fast I can get up and out of bed when he falls out when I struggle just to get up to use the restroom! But he is doing so good getting ready for baby brother. He gives him "loves" by hugging mommy's belly and will point to the belly when we ask where the baby is. He gives really good back rubs and scratches :) He's a really good eater but has to have his face full of food or he gets mad. Weird kid. He loves putting on lotion and always has something around his neck. It's funny when he finds beanies and puts them on...he looks super cute! He loves all the airplanes that fly above. We are really close to the DFW airport so they're coming in to land and close. His faces are so funny when he's confused or mad. It's hard to discipline sometimes because they make me chuckle. He's pretty naughty though...only because he is so curious and a serious monkey. Get's into everything! He can sign when he wants to eat, drink, more, please, thank you, all done....I think that's it. But it's super helpful to know when he needs something! We are going to try potty training this week. Wish us luck. I would at least like to get him trained before brother comes but he may regress when that happens because it will be a big adjustment. We will see. He is 18 months and can FINALLY go to nursery. They love him in there because he is just such a mellow kid. Wonder if little brother will be a hellion.

Little Boy in the belly is doing great! Measuring right on schedule and is an aspiring gymnast. But I love it because it's reassuring to know that he's alive and well in there! Due date is October 10 and I plan on having a natural delivery. Wish me luck and relaxation :) I have been really conscious about what I eat and exercising everyday. I have gained 20 lbs and hope to avoid the excessive weight gain I had in the last trimester with Ryker. But I sure swelled with Ryker so that probably didn't help. I feel like this pregnancy has been so different! I have taken care of myself and it's flown by. I think because I'm so distracted with Ryker that I haven't necessarily bonded with this one as much because it isn't all new to me. But I sure do love him and can't wait to meet him. Scared to have two kids but excited! Still hard to believe!

Randy has been hard at work....at school! He is there 8-12 hours a day and then comes home and crashes. It has been a big adjustment but we sure take advantage of the weekends to have some Daddy time. The first trimester (his school does trimesters...not to be confused with my pregnancy!) is almost out! Then we will be headed to Idaho for 9 days for wedding and relaxation!

Big boy bed!

Giving Daddy a foot rub :)

So when I went for a walk, I saw this on the side of the road ready to be thrown away. I told myself if it was still there when Randy got home we would bring it home. :) Low and behold they let us have it! (And a cabinet too that we put into our garage for more storage...for FREEEEE!!) So I re did this for our bedroom. It really is a nice piece of furniture. Just needed some love!

25/30 Weeks

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