I'm hoping that I can remember everything that we did in Idaho! It's been a few weeks!

So we left August 26th, a few days after Randy finished his first Trimester at Parker University. He did great! So proud of him. I had had an appointment with my midwife the day before and got the ok to fly. I wasn't nervous about flying, I was more nervous about Ryker wanting to climb all over me. Which only seems to have gotten easier now that I have this big belly he can step on.....
Our flight wasn't until 7pm. So we spent all day twiddling our thumbs just wanting to leave and get out of here! Finally 4pm rolled around and we got going, parked our car, got shuttled over, checked in, went through security, and got settled in to wait an hour and a half to finally get going. Once we got on the plane, everything was great. Ryker didn't sleep on the first flight but did on the second. We had just brought him in his jammies so that when we got to Idaho at 11pm he could just go straight to bed. We finally got to Idaho and had arranged for Randy's parents to pick us up but my family was there too to come see Ryker us. We waited for 30 minutes just for our luggage. It was nice to be able to meet with family but we were so exhausted and just wanted to go home and go to bed!! We did go stand outside for a little bit and just enjoyed the cool Idaho night. It doesn't get cool like that in Texas!

The next morning, I had a hair appointment, then we had chiropractic appointments to help us all out from the day of travel, and then some more appointments! We really just wanted to get it all done in one day so that we could enjoy the rest of our trip!

Unfortunately, it had been a really crappy wheat season because of all the rain Idaho had been getting. It was hard not being able to see Grandpa as much as we wanted too, but he is such a good example of a hard worker! Ryker did get to ride on a tractor and the lawnmower and had lots of fun with that!

Randy and his friends got together to have a bachelor party for his friend Craig. They went and shot guns, had some B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) and had some good quality guys time. It's always nice to see friends!

We went on Saturday and did a session in the Rexburg temple when Craig's fiancé was doing her own endowments and that was fun! We almost didn't make it though and right when we pulled into the temple parking lot, it started pouring so we were soaked! All well. It was good to go to the temple and renew our covenants.

We had a BBQ on Labor day and had my family and Randy's family come together and just eat food and enjoy each others company. It's always hard having both of our families there because we always feel torn between the two and spending time with each family. We also went to the fair twice! Randy's sister's family traveled up to Idaho to spend some time with us (and we are so grateful for that) so we went to the fair and got a Primesteer Burger! YUMMO! The next time we went, we went to the hypnotist show and an escape artist show. We saw lots of animals including reptiles. Ryker wasn't too excited about the animals like I was hoping he would be. He's kind of a scaredy cat.

We also went to the zoo! Ryker LOVED the monkeys. They were swinging all over the place and would come and say hi to us! It was a good primer for when we go to the Dallas or Fort Worth Zoo's. We will probably wait until he's a bit older though so that he knows what the animals are and actually cares. ;)

Randy and his parents rode over to Boise where Craig was getting married. I stayed home. Traveling while pregnant sucks and I'm sad to not have been there, but I was being selfish.

It was a whirlwind trip! It went by way too fast as always but we were so glad to be able to go home and especially for Randy to be able to attend Craig's wedding--the whole reason we went! Everything else was just a perk.

The night before we left, we went and got some Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Our flight was at 6:30am and we had heard rumors of them not letting people on planes if they showed up after a certain time so we got there so early at 4:30am...too early but at least we were there! So after checking in and waiting for security to open up, we had our cinnamon rolls. A couple hours later, we were able to board and get going to Denver. Halfway through the flight, I was feeling so nauseas. I swear every seat I sit in never has a barf bag. I looked at Randy and he knew that I needed to do something. So after a few laps up and down the aisle, I came back to my seat. Luckily Randy's seat had a barf bag because that cinnamon roll did not sit well. I don't remember the last time I threw up on a plane but it's not fun. But I felt a million times better. We made sure to get a real breakfast after we landed in Denver!

We finally got home at 12-1:00pm and came home and crashed. Plus it was FREAKING HOT. Idaho weather was so nice!

We love our family and friends in Idaho and love being able to spend anytime we can with you!!

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