Holy cow! Hey there....who hasn't blogged for year??? This girl (insert embarrassed emoji here)!!

It's not like I can catch up either because I don't even remember what happened a week ago. So let's start over Ya? Fresh start???

So this is our blog. I will attempt to update once a week. I always get so overwhelmed by adding pictures and what not but I would love to look back at this and remember our lives. Especially this super special time with our little boys and being away from home. 

Some things that did happen-

Trips to Idaho for Keegan's wedding/during breaks and Christmas. We always love coming home and seeing family. Now the boys have a new auntie Kenz!

Kamden came home from Tonga!

Randy did school...nothing new there. 

Jaxon turned 1!

Ryker turned 3!

I survived!

Seriously so lame....

I guess the only reason I am so focused on this now is because I have decided to delete the Facebook and Instagram apps off of my phone. More on that later. So I'm worried that I will have lost contact with the world. I post pictures and what not like crazy over there but now without the apps, it's like I've lost all connection. 

So I'll try my best ok??

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