David Archuleta!!!

My little sister, Karissa, and I went to the David Archuleta concert last night. About a week before, I surprised her with a ticket. She was so upset when we told her the tickets were sold out--but we had secretly purchased some. We were pretty close and none of the pictures do its justice. Zero Gravity is our favorite song and we were so exhausted after! Its just so fun jumping around and having a blast. (I think the song might be in my playlist, check it out!) He is such a talented kid and so humble. He was making us laugh really hard last night too. O David :)
Well my friend Carson actually got to meet David. His roommate is really good friends with David, so he went over to their apartment and just hung out. How AWESOME would that be......PRETTY dang awesome. :) (And...he went to the temple too...What a great guy!!)

P.s. Benton Paul was quite fantastic too. I bought his CD and got it signed!

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  1. Oh my I love Benton Paul! He is the greatest. Your blog is way way cute!