Get Connected-Spirit Conference

So this last weekend I was able to go to Spirit Conference and get trained for Get Connected as an I-team leader. I was a little worried because I had lots of studying to do for finals the next week, but I had the most amazing time! My mentor group was awesome and I made so many new friends. On Friday, we just had a bunch of firesides and talks. We learned icebreaker games and got to know one another. Saturday we were supposed to go to the school's lodge, but it was pretty snowy outside and they didn't want to risk it. So instead we stayed on campus and had a snowman building competition! I was a real life snow angel and we stuck one of the girls in a trash can and covered it with snow. We then would have people walk by so we could scare them! It was a blast! O...and sledding...I LOVE SLEDDING. Except my head hit my partners chin and I got whitewashed....Regardless..it was hilarious and I loved it.
Well the rest of the day was interesting. I came down with a cold and I'm now suffering from it. But we did this thing called the Spirit Challenge. It was AMAZING. Here's my experience:
They blindfolded my group all up and had us grab onto each others shoulders and we walked in a straight line for about ten minutes. It was horrible not being able to see or talk to one another. Well after those ten minutes, I had someone separate me from my group and led me to a spot where I stood alone for maybe 5-7 minutes. It felt like eternity. I HATE being alone and for some reason, although I knew there were lots of people around, I couldn't see or hear them and I was alone. So I prayed. I prayed for 5 minutes asking Heavenly Father to help me not feel alone and to be comforted. Soon they started blaring this news cast and horrible music, bashing on the apostles and the Mormon religion. I started bawling. I didn't like how the holy men that lead our church were being so ridiculed and mocked. It hurt my feelings as well. Suddenly, I heard prophet Thomas S. Monson's voice. I quickly turned to it and was trying my hardest to try and tune the "world" out. Someone came up and whispered, "Follow the Prophets voice." I stood there for a couple minutes wondering what I should do. Should I try walking blindly up to the prophet's voice, or stay here where I had become comfortable. I decided to go towards his voice. I was walking and walking and walking until I ran into a chain link fence. WHAT?! I was so mad that they were cutting my off from the prophet. I wasn't going to come this close and then not go to him. People were blindly scaling the fence and I almost did too. But I was thinking there had to be away through that wasn't so dangerous. People were trying to keep me from finding my way and I was fighting through people. I was getting so mad that they were blocking my way. They had no right to prevent my happiness. I soon found an opening and then a rope. I clung to that rope with all my might. Once again, people were blocking my way, trying to pry my fingers off and trying to pull me away from  the rope. I started bawling again. They couldn't do this to me! This wasn't ok! I fought so hard through those people and finally broke free. I walked again for 5-7 minutes, slowly making my way to the top of the hill, "Heaven." People were singing hymns and I joined in on my way up until we made it as angels in heaven. I had never experienced anything so real and so spiritual. The spirit was so strong and I could feel my Saviors love and pain for us as he watches us struggle. I remember looking for my friends and getting so mad seeing people try to pull them away. I wanted them to make it as well and be as happy as I was. I loved to see this big concept and experience it in a mild form. I cannot wait for the day that my Savior, Jesus Christ comes and I feel this love and spirit x10 more. I will never forget.

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