My VERY MUCH NEEDED Christmas Break

Well well well. My christmas break has come to an end officially today and now it's time to get back to work. I get to go back 4 days early to go help the freshman with Get Connected. I'm super excited and hope to have a great time with it!

My first week was very good. I got to just relax after all those finals and wait for my grades. They were finally posted on Christmas Eve...Great present right?? I did ok. I know that I need to do better next semester. My friends and I had a black and white christmas party and that was an absolute blast. I have FANTASTIC friends! Well Christmas Eve was great. I was able to get together with most of my family (some were on missions, married, etc.). Regardless, it was fun. I do love my family and all the quirky fun moments we have. I found out my cousin's niece knows basically every song on the radio and she did a little show for me singing songs like Down and Replay and the best one Tik Tok. Hilarious. Especially when she danced. What a character :) Of course we did the Nativity. I think I was the oldest one participating, but I think it's important and I love it. I was a shepard.

Christmas Day was the best. I am so blessed. I got just what I needed plus some and I'm so grateful. My favorite gift though was from Randy. He sent me a video he made while he was bored at the mission office. He's assistant to the president now and while he stays busy in the daytime, nights are slow. So he made me a video that made me laugh, cry and excited for hisreturn in March. I can't WAIT! :) :) :)
The day after Christmas we went to the movie theater to watch the Blindside. AMAZING MOVIE. I definitely recommend it for sure. The rest of the break has been pertty awesome. I went and visited the Searle's as well and I sure love them. They make me feel like a Million bucks :)

So I also donated plasma for the first time. Definitely a weird experience. So I went in and they did an extensive physical and interrogation (or so it felt) process. I finally got into the back to donate after two hours. I had to prick my finger and that's the part that honestly hurt the worst. I also had to do a urine sample...WHAT THE!?! It was crazy. But the actual process is bizarre. It's just like donating blood exept they pump it back in every 10 minutes. To actually understand you just have to do it. I got $25 dollars this time, but next time I get $35. Bring on the money!! :) I dunno if you can tell...but i actually got really bruised up :( BOOOO!

New Years Eve was a blast. I honestly thought that I would just sit at home and pack for college (which I was most ok with), but I went to the 14-18 yr. stake dance to watch a friend and his band play (*cough* they're amazing!!! *cough*). I guess there was one for the singles 18-30...but I didn't know..and it might have been weird (I'm just sayin'...). I ended up staying the whole time and I loved it. We had another friend there that was our age so we didn't feel as weird being the only "oldies" there. After awhile, we just told people we were chaperones lol. Amazing time though. Love new years!

This year will be amazing. I have so many great things coming up and I can't wait for them. I have lots of goals, but I just have to do them one step at a time! Randy gets home in March, I will complete my first "year" of college, I'll turn 20 years old (that is most bizarre...) and many other awesome things.

Come what may and LOVE it.

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