First Week of my Second Semester at BYU-I do!

This week has been CRAZY!! Ali and I got to Rexburg the day before we were supposed to check-in so that we could help out the freshman for Get Connected. It was a tiring, stressful, fun, exciting, hilarious, adventurous, awesome experience. I have made so many new friends just because of Student Spirit Events and this semester already is ten times better than the last. WOOOHOOOO!!

Well the first day, Ali and I invited our iTeams over to our little apartment for games. It was packed! But it was nice to have so many friends over and get to have fun! Of course the 3rd floor of the library has been fun as well...You make so many new friends up there as you "study." :) My first day of classes was freaky. Because of Get Connected, I had to rush to buy my books and get all the supplies and I didn't even have time to find my classes and do a little pre-tour so that I would know where to go to my 7:45 am chemistry class (sucky right..I know!) So I get to a Chemistry class and I'm sitting there with about 5 minutes til the class begins and I look down at my hand where I had written the class number on it and noticed that I wasn't in that room! So I rushed out of there and tried to find the other one. I get there and a woman walks in....I KNOW that my teacher was supposed to be a male. So i wait for her to call roll and my name isn't on there and I'm thinking POOP! Am I supposed to just sit here!? So I get up andI'm walking out and she asked if I was in the wrong class. I told her I was and that I was looking for a Bro. Zaugg. She said he was right next door. So I look around and he is NOT right next door. So I go back to the first class I was in, and it was the right one! Just my LUCK! :P

I just can't describe just how happy, lucky and blessed I really am. My roommates rock, my friends are hilarious and I'm truly loving life right now!

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