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Dearest Blogging world,
I am BACK! J After a wonderful wedding and honeymoon, it’s nice to be home and relaxed and back to normal. Let me fill you in on the last two weeks and all the shenanigans….

August 20, 2010- Day before Wedding:
            Holy craziness. Today was a day of havoc. All the cupcakes were made ( shout out to all my relief society sisters and friends, YOU ARE AMAZING!), all the flowers were arranged and ordered after a color dilemma (the daisies that were sent to the florist were the wrong shade of pink-think baby pink instead of magenta. But thanks to a brilliant florist, she was able to turn things around and get the right flowers in!), the garter was sewn (it was so cute! And I didn’t even get a picture of it…), and the decorations started going up. Even though I was so worried about the reception looking nice, I was kind of at the point of not even caring. At about 9 or 10 o’clock that night, I started packing my life away. I haven’t even brought anything down to Provo, so thank heavens for Shelley only being 4 hours away! Regardless, It was stressful and frustrating to do so late at night….BLEH! Randy’s brother had stolen grumpy Randy for a fun last night as a bachelor. He wont tell me the details of that night, just that he was extremely tired from getting in at about 3 in the morning! (Nothing to crazy people, they just wreaked havoc!) And I was off to bed…..

August 21, 2010- Day of Wedding:
            Well, my hair appointment was at 6 en la manana, So I woke up at 5 to take a shower and do my makeup and I was off. Laura Grange did a FANTASTIC JOB and Props to her for waking up so early and doing a bangin’ job on my hair. THANK YOU! So after the hair appointment, I was off to go home and get ready to go to the temple. ( O MY STARS…I DIDN’T BLOG ABOUT THE TEMPLE! One word-Amazing! So cool to be able to go through and have my sweetheart there with me, and My mom, Dad, Brother, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, Grandma Foster, and so many good friends. A great spiritual experience. I mourn for those that don’t get to go through because of bad choices in their lives that prohibits that or goes through unworthily. I’m so grateful for the atonement and how it helped me get to that point in my life. I can’t say much about what happens in there, but as soon as I got out, I just wanted to go back in. SO AMAZING. Great blessing in my life.) ANYWAYS… J We got to the temple and I got in my temple dress and waited to go meet Pres. Groberg (our sealer!) and Randy. The sealing was very special and very cool and so great that my close friends and family (that were able to go in) were there for us. ( To my dearest friends that were outside, I love you too! I was so excited to see you all out there!) After the ceremony, I put on my monster of a wedding dress and off we were! We came out of the temple and all of our friends and family were there to greet us! Super cool experience. Then about an 1 ½ hours of pictures. I love Randy’s patience! J J J
Next was the luncheon-Debbie (my mother in law) did such a great job with decorating, the menu and the food was scrumptious! Thank you Mom! At the luncheon, we each had a turn to say thank you and My Dad’s speech really affected Randy and I. He did a great job and it touched both of our hearts dearly. Thank you Daddy! My Mother didn’t even cry….what the freak! ;) Just teasing. Our parents both did a great job and I love them both lots and lots.
After the luncheon, Randy and I were off to pack. Now I didn’t really get too far the night before because I had no idea how to pack. ( You see, he kept the honeymoon a secret, DC and NYC!!!!! He knows me SO well!) So before the luncheon, he told me and it made packing easier to do. Then we relaxed a bit before heading over to Randy’s to prep for more pictures and the reception.
So Randy and I got to the reception and WOW!!!!!! It looked SOOOOOOO good! All my worries were gone, except the clouds…..hmmmmmm. Kaysha Landon did a fantastic job and Cammie Hunter made the cake FABULOUUUUUSSSSS            ! I was so happy and all my worries were gone. Minutes before we were to take pictures, Drops started to fall, but then dissipated! Thank heavens! So we got ready and took pictures for about an hour. So fun! Then we stood in line for two LONG hours. It was so good to see people that I hadn’t seen in ages and to just see how loved Randy and I were. We grew up in the best place on earth…(well we think so!)
Cutting the cake was hard, It was too pretty to cut!!! J Well we smashed cakes in each others face, tossed the bouquet and garter and we were OUTTA there! OFF TO THE BLACK SWAN INN –in Pocatello, Idaho.
We were in the sea cave suite and it was super cool!

August 22, 2010:
Drive to SLC, Fly for 4 LONG hours, get sick on the plane, Drive for an hour to our hotel and sleep. Although it was 1-2am, it was only 11 or 12 OUR time. So we weren’t too pooped.

August 23-2010: First Day in DC
We went to the Library of Congress, US Capitol, (OH! Rode the metro…..no me gusta), then we went over to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (were they make money), but they didn’t have our tickets and we were SOOOOOOO pooped. SOOOOO pooped from walking and the sun. It was crazy! We did lots of sight seeing and walking that day. Then it was off to the National Archives where the Declaration of Indepence, Bill of Rights and Constitution are. SO special. We went to the Museum of Natural History. Way cool! (I’ll say cool a billion times, don’t judge me.) Then we were off to dinner at the Old Ebbitt Grill. Super nice place and very nice to us. They gave us a free dessert for our honeymoon! Then we went for a limo tour. SO cool! He took us to the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Korean memorial, FDR Memorial, to the Pentagon where they have a memorial for the victims of the flight that flew into the Pentagon, Air Force Memorial, and another that we can’t remember the name of. OVERALL, basically all of DC. Very cool! That was the end of Day 1 in DC..

August 24, 2010: Day 2 in DC
Stressful day. So we had to wake up at 6:30 to get to our 9 o’clock White house tour appt. But we woke up at 8:30am…..YA…..So we hurried and dressed and ran to the metro. We ran to the white house fearing they wouldn’t let us in. I was feeling really bad because Randy had worked so hard and planned for months to get the tickets to go inside and I was very doubtful that they would still let us go through. BUT THEY DID! After security checks (which we had to do at every official building and airport of course, I’d say I’m pro now), We were in! They let us go through a couple rooms. I guess after Sept. 11 or when Obama got into office (not sure which), they really cut it down and now the tour is self guided and short. Kind of a BIG bummer. But still so cool.  Then back to the hotel so I could get pretty. J Then off to the top of Washington Monument! So tall, So cool, So special! We then hit a couple museums/Smithsonian. First, National Museum of American History! Then it was off to Arlington Cemetery. A very sacred and special experience as well. We got to see the gravesites of JFK and Jackie and their kids. We also saw the changing of the guards at the tomb of the Unknowns. Odd, sacred and respectful, the change is very unique and a cool sight to experience. After Arlington, we went back to the hotel. End of Day 2.

August 25, 2010-Day 3 in DC: Relaxation day.
After a day in bed, we got ready to the Washington DC temple. I had forgotten my temple recommend (GAH!), but we called and they made it possible for me to go in. That temple is very different. Each floor has a specific purpose. We did a session after finding the dressing rooms and renting our clothes. We were the only couple there so we had a special privilege! I felt really horrible though because I had to pee SOOOOOOO bad, that I couldn’t even focus. Horrible I know. But I didn’t know what to do! Well afterwards, we toured the grounds and there were like secret service men or security of some sort for someone in the temple! So crazy! Then it was off to pack and get ready for our flight to NYC the next day!

Thoughts on Washington DC:
What a SPECIAL place. My favorite of all was seeing the Constitution. I started crying when I saw it actually and leaving it was hard to do. We are so blessed to live in a country where our Founding Fathers were so close to God and listened to him. Truly inspired men. I know that the spirit is was overwhelmed me. Our Nations capitol is truly and special place and a place to be proud of. I’m so proud to be an American and to see that God is or was involved. It kills me that people are so against God and against his will nowadays. I know that once we revolve our lives around him again, our country can be at peace. I know for a fact that when our leaders involve Christ and Heavenly Father, it blesses them and it blesses us. I’m grateful for those who fight for our country and who are fighting to protect other countries and their sacrifices. Thank you men and women who serve in the military! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

August 26, 2010-Day 4: Fly to NYC
It was really nervewracking to bring our HUGE suitcases onto the metro. People were looking at us all annoyed. But we got out of there ok! After taking the midget plane to NY, we got in a taxi. NEVER DO THAT!! The guy was a nut for sure. Weaving in and out of traffic and honking like mad. I had to take my Dramamine…. Anywho. That day we started off with going into the hotel. Welcome to a small New York hotel room. While I liked the coziness of it, it got annoying having to step over our large suit cases. I thought it was kind of fun though. While we waited for our room to be ready, we killed time by going to Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum and Madame Tussauds Wax museum. Both quite fascinating!!! Afterwards, our hotel room was ready so I took a 3 hour  nap. I guess Randy laid there for three hours cuz he was right there next to me, but denies sleeping. Then it was off to dinner!! As we were walking to our dinner spot, I saw a Famous Daves! Whoohoo! Then we went to this cute little diner called Ellen’s Stardust Diner. The waiters sing showtunes the whole time while dresses in 50’s attire. Way fun! Next stop, Mm’s store. SO many kinds of Mm’s and in all colors too! And then…(drumroll please)…WICKED!!!! Yupp you read that right! Wicked the Musical and famous Broadway play…ON BROADWAY! At the Gershwin Theater. I loved every second of it. I even started crying and Randy made fun of me. Music is just such an important part of my life and these talented people just made it so much more special. I can’t even explain it. Just plain amazing. Then it was off to bed. End of my first day in NYC.

August 27, 2010-Last Day of Honeymoon and Last Day in NYC
Welp we got up bright and early and headed off to the Statue of Liberty. We took the Subway (sick….) and walked past ground zero up to the ferry to shuttle us to Liberty Island. After a short ferry ride, we got our tickets to go up to the crown and walked up 334 stairs. It was hard to do! The crown, inside it, was cramped for sure. So little. It looks ginormous, but it’s really quite small. And Hot!! There were all these little cemetaries too amongst all the madness. They were so beautiful actually, dating back to 1700’s! Very sacred too. Then we walked around to see all the sites! Central Park, Ground Zero, the Manhattan temple! We wanted to do a session, but they were closed for remodeling. Darn it! After that, we waited for what seemed to be ages and very chaotic to the top of the Empire state building. Lots of stairs there too! Then we decided to go to the Hard Rock Café. (I swear on this trip I gained 100 lbs…kill me. Except we did walk a lot….hmmmmm…..) I love the Hard Rock Café! It’s always such a fun place to go! Well let me tell you this short story. Sitting next to us was this couple and neither of them looked a day over 17. Well, they were looking at the specialty/mixed drinks menu (as we all do, they’re colorful!), but then they started talking about alcohol and what kinds they liked, blah blah blah. Well their waiter comes over and they order beer and a glass of wine, and he didn’t card them!!! WHAT THE!? I would have carded them in a heartbeat. But they might have had fake i.d.’s, regardless, you should card….GRRR! And then the kid proceeds to say, “I guess they don’t card here.” Now that restaurant is tainted. Good going dude. I guess you had to be there. I wanted to cause an uproar!! J I guess I’m just REALLY sheltered and maybe that’s normal for them….I dunno. Then we went to bed really early after doing our ritual of scripture study and prayer.

August 28, 2010-Flying Home
I’m not going to lie. I’m happy to be going home. New York really took the remaining power I had left right out of me. I’m excited to be home, but not really looking forward to real life….

Feelings on New York:
One word: Disgusting. Think of all the words that could go under the category and there you have New York. But at the same time, It’s beautiful! Amongst all the dirty smells, skuzzy streets, and naughty material at every corner, It has places where beauty shines! Like the temple! I kind of feel bad for those new yorkers. Although they have their high buildings, expensive restaurants and hotels, I would choose where I’m from in an instant. It’s sad to think maybe the only green they’ll see is Central Park. What quality of life is that? I’ve had so many thoughts run through my head that I wish I had written down when I thought them. But I’m grateful for the husband I have. Everytime we saw something inappropriate, he would turn his head, hold my hand tighter, and walk faster. That made me feel so good! I love him so much and I’m grateful to be his wife. It’s crazy! Today is our one week anniversary! Whoohoo! We made it! I'm really so glad for all the time and planning that Randy put into this honeymoon. He knew my desires and dreams and fufilled them. Best husband ever? Yes!
Well there’s the gist of it. It was a great time and I’ll never forget it!

p.s. I'll do a post of honeymoon and wedding pictures...ya?!?!

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