10 things I love about Randy

1. He takes out the garbage and puts his dishes away. 

2. He kisses me every morning before he leaves for school. (Even when I'm asleep :])

3. He appreciates all that I do and shows it. 

4. He supports me in all I do and will put up with my indecisiveness until I decide what to do. 

5. He's open and communicates what's on his mind with me often.

6. He goes to the temple with me.

7. He holds my hand....Always.

8. He makes me laugh everyday. He has little voices he does, we have our inside jokes and he just knows what makes me giggle.

9. When I'm having a bad day, he'll go out of his way to make it a little better and put a smile on my face, even when he has things to do.

10. I get to be with him forever.

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