Just like I promised :)

Love this knockoff-Definitely inspired! Noel Knockoff

Epson Salt Candles...Brilliant! Candles

These pillows....are adorable!! Pillow

Doing this to our mirrors?? O heck ya!  Framed mirror

And one more!

Definitely going to do this :)  Cute Lamp

I constantly find myself on craigslist looking for things to Re-do...Ohhhh can't wait for the summer :)


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  1. hey its me Manda again! :) i love love love the candles!> also you could to christams tree ornaments like that :) oh and the framed mirror it also looks super cute insted of cutting out the mirror behide to just use ribbon and y cross it above and hang the frame over the mirror using nails to hold the ribbon holding the frame:) super cute ! i love your blog!