So here we are in Idaho. Great to be home, but under the circumstances, it's sad.

My Grandma passed away a day ago. It was so great, but hard to say goodbye. When you're growing up, or at least this may just be me, you feel like your grandparents are invincible and should never go away. I had a harder time with my Grandpa dying I think because I saw my Grandma suffer through the loss. But it will hit soon I know it.

Also, my dear friend Rebecca got hitched a month ago and because her hubs is a marine, they just barely had their reception. It was SO cute and she looked amazing. I'm so happy for them. Marriage is the ish and I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Love is the coolest thing I've ever witnessed, felt and enjoyed. It's amazing and incredible and hard to explain!

Welp, I cut my hair! I love it. I wanted more layers and bangs. Each time I cut my bangs, I think, "Why did I just do that, because they are always in my face." But they look really good :) Thanks to the Sister in Law.

Welp, life is moving on. Work is good, photography is going great. I've just started a photography class and I love it so far. Photography is so cool and lets me show people how I see the world and what I think is beautiful, fun and what I enjoy looking at. I'm going to go into UVU and see what I can do to attend and get into the Dental Hygiene program in February.  If I don't get in, I'm going to focus on Photography. I feel like I've wrestled enough with Dental Hygiene. But we'll see.

I'm getting baby hungry. Any of you married folks in the same boat??? I'm just ready to start a familia with my cute husband. :)

hmmmmmm Home renovation soon. We're picking out carpet and paint right now! Can't wait for the weather to warm up and the semester to be over and we're just going to crank it out.

Well.....That's about all for now.

Peace and blessins'

p.s. I just changed the name and domain name for my photography blog. It's now www.Kayleighsearlephoto.blogspot.com


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