Almost done!

So I'm pretty much regretting that last post. In fact- I'm deleting it. Sometimes it just feels good to let it all out. I apologize to those who read it. We were just having so much going on and it was so frustrating.


It's almost reveal time of all the painting and carpeting. (it's not going to be AMAZING, but it's a change.)

What we've been up to:
Keegan called Sunday. It was so good to hear his voice and talk for a bit. I only got to talk to him for literally 2-3 minutes. But it's all good. My parents were the ones that really needed to talk to him and ask him questions.

Randy started his summer semester. He's glad he's not taking a ton of classes because his Physics class is killing him!

We planted our flower bed. It looks so good!

We started our vegetable/fruit garden, but we still have lots to do!

We've got new carpet in and it's luxurious ;)

We've got all the rooms but our bathroom painted.

I'll be starting school in the fall and really I'm already half way done. All my classes transferred and it was SHWEET!

hmmmmm that's really all. We're kind of lame :)

Peace and blessins'

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