I Love Family and Idaho and Pictures :)

So basically,
Randy and I can't wait to move back to Idaho.
Obviously, it will be awhile.
But we just love it so much.
We love our small town:
Nice People
No Speed Demons
...you get the point.
Utah is nice it really is.
Just not for us
So today. I was putting on my makeup and doing my hair and my niece came in and watched me, and wanted some too. So we did makeup and hair together. She is a doll. Not shy AT ALL. Loves everyone and can find anyone to play with. We should all be more like that. Just saying.
And then a nephew comes in and says, "My mom sometimes puts makeup on me too."
It made me laugh out loud.
I love the nephews and nieces I "inherited" by marrying Randy.
I love all darndest things they say and the hilarious made up words, stories, etc.
So fun and so cute.

Today, I took my sister and her friends on a photoshoot for her birthday. Super fun girls. We just went up to Idaho Falls and walked around taking pictures.
you'll have to check my picture blog for updates!

Kind of taking a break from pictures for awhile. Too much going on in the last couple of weeks and weeks to come. Sorry!

Hmmm. SO guess what world.

I changed my major to Photography.
I'm happy...except not looking forward to the drawing class. . . . hahaha I'm not so good at that.

Well. Just wanted to leave a little blurb :)

Peace and Blessins'


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