Shenanigans in 2010

Alrighty folks. At this time of year, it's common to reflect on the year and see what happened. Here's what happened with us two kids who are crazy in love. :)


I was just starting a new semester at BYU-Idaho making new friends and becoming a part of the Get Connected Council. I had new roommates and became good friends with them all. Especially Ali Rockwood. She and I didn't really know each other but quickly became  good friends and had MANY goodtimes. :)

I also learned not to put dish soap in the dishwasher...good things don't come of it. 

Randy was finishing up the mission in Oklahoma as Assistant to the President. (He says his life is boring...)

Nothing but school and Randy finishing up

Randy came home on March 18th. I wasn't originally going to go to the airport, but something pushed me to go. As soon as I saw come down the stairs, I knew I was going to marry him. 

Yes sir all we did was shake hands. We like to follow the rules. :)

 On April 10, 2010, three weeks after Randy got home, he proposed to me. Read the story here. It felt like he had never left and we instantly reconnected. So good! (Best thing...we got it all documented.) 

We attended General Conference with Ali and her boyfriend Chase and we were so lucky to be able to get into a session of conference and for the boys to be able to go to Priesthood Session. Good trip all around.Randy also left for a trip soon after with his family back through the mission and throughout America. First off they stopped in Mt. Rushmore, next Council Bluffs, then onto Oklahoma. Then a church history tour; Nauvoo, Kirtland, etc. He loved it and I missed him sooooo much. Torture!!

I started working at Famous Daves and loved it. It was a fun place to work and I met lots of people. 
Randy was getting ready to get back to BYU for the summer term and finish his freshman year. 

We got our engagement pictures done and we bought a house that his sisters have also lived in. It's been a great starter home and we're so blessed to have it. I also started a new job at MD's Dinky Donuts. Two jobs and it was good for the pay, but it was hard. 
Ali got married to Chase Rockwood and those two are so awesome together. Have been from the very beginning. 
Randy started school in June. It was hard to be apart, but it helped him a lot and get re-adjusted to life at home. 

Impatiently waiting to be married...

Took family pictures-the last time we had done that was 10 years earlier. 

I quit my jobs and prepared for the big day. I took my endowments out Aug. 17 and it was amazing. Keegan and I went through together because he got his call to Lima Peru!
August 21, 2010, I got married to the man I am proud to call my husband and best friend. (I have yet to do a wedding post with pictures and the details. New years resolution???)
Honeymooned in Washington DC and New York-see here.


Turned 20 and became an adult! :)
Moved to Provo.

Got a job at Cafe Zupas. 
Got my Nikon D-90!
Got into blogging more.
Started a photography blog. (Working on a website now.)

Keegan left on his mission.
Got me a Kitchenaid mixer. :)
Hosted dinner parties.
Got a calling-Relief society pianist.
Doing photoshoots. 
Randy started working at the Library at 5am in the morning. (He's awesome I know.)

 First Christmas and New years eve as a Searle.
Went to the cabin for Christmas.

Notice how I got sick of writing everything and just went to highlights? Ya....sorry....

Also, everyone seems so hyped up for the new year and all the excitement it will bring and I feel like the biggest party pooper because all I'm thinking is ,"BIG WHOOP. Another year..." 
2010 was good to me. I made so many new friends, lost so many friends, learned life lessons, got married and became a somewhat "independent" adult. I wouldn't trade anything I did this year for anything. Best year thus far I would say. 

Well now for Goals for the Next Year-(I don't do resolutions. I think they're stupid.)

1. Begin and finish Thank You cards from wedding...By march at least. 
(I know I'm bad...I'm trying...)
2. Do lots of photography and put my name out there. Become more confident in my abilities and also learn more with classes and tips.
3. Try new things. New food, new activities and new traditions.
4. Become fit and love myself. 
(I know this is everyone's goal. But I want to enjoy being active and doing outdoorsy things. And by having more confidence in myself, I can improve my marriage.)
5. Take a vacation.
6. Fix up the house and make it a home.
7. Continue finding new hobbies and becoming more creative.
8. Find my outgoing self once again and make some friends.
9. Attend the temple as often as possible.
10. Start school again.

We'll see what 2011 brings!

***Randy's Resolutions:***
1. Love my wife and make her happy. ((Good one I say!))
2. Live a Christ centered life.
3. Go snowmobiling, dirtbiking and have as much fun as possible. (Work hard, play hard.)
4. Get good grades.
5. Have a kid. (Just Kidding he says). (Hey-parenthood starts when they're in  the womb...just sayin.)

Peace and Blessins'

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