Little T-Rex

Say hello to our little T-rex :) It was so cool to see the baby today at 9 weeks. I won't lie, I was an emotional roller coaster. I just wanted to see SOMETHING in there. To hear and to see was the best ever. I go in again in two weeks, just to hear the baby and reassure myself! My doctor is awesome :) He asked when I wanted to come in next and I asked him what was normal. He said about 4 weeks which would put me at about 13 weeks. But he was like, "let's have you come in in two weeks just to calm your nerves and we will see and hear the baby again."
It was so cool to see the baby kicking it's legs and it's little "T-rex" arms. Reminds me of this-
Our little big headed baby with little arms. 
And the heartbeat was just fluttering. I was just boobing, it was amazing. I can't believe it still.
So I am 9 weeks on the dot and baby is expected to arrive around February 13, 2013. Valentines baby maybe? Or on Daddy's birthday (Feb. 17)
We are so happy and excited!


  1. Who is your doctor kayleigh? And I'm really glad I stumbled upon this :) so happy for you

  2. Dr. Wayne Young. Thank you so much!