My Little (or not so little) Boy

Hello all my blog readers (cough*mom*cough),

Just thought I would update you on all things baby boy! I had an ultrasound on the 27th and as the ultrasound tech was measuring the baby's head, he said something along the lines of, "Your baby has a big head." That kind of freaked me out! I was wondering if there was something wrong like fluid on the brain or something drastic like that. But he's ok! Just in the 83rd percentile (normal is around 50). He goes, "Good luck with the delivery..." GEEE THANKS! :) His tummy is also measuring big which is good because if the shoulders or tummy are bigger than the head, he can get stuck.  But were they are both a little bigger, it's good news! His legs are short....I have a little t-rex baby! :) I can't wait to see him in the flesh though! He is still rockin' and rollin' in there and making mommy uncomfortable. The doctor said that based off the measurements from the ultrasound, baby boy is 5 lbs. 6 oz. already and he should grow about a half a pound a week so we could possibly have a 9 lb. baby in the end. We will see when he decides to come! I am 33 weeks 5 days (based off baby's measurements, they say I'm actually 35 weeks). WHO KNOWS!?

Here's the 4D shot they took of his face:
 I CAN'T STOP STARING AT HIM!!! I can't wait to hold him and see him and love him....GAHH!!

Look at those lips though! Can't wait to kiss them! He was sure puckering up for us :)
While I was home for the ultrasound (we've been vacationing in Idaho for the last three weeks and I came back after the ultrasound), my mom and I took advantage of the time and started up on the baby's nursery! It's coming along and I can't wait for it to just be DONE!

I don't have the pictures with me, but my mom threw me a baby shower with all of mine and Randy's family members that could come and that was so fun! The theme was "She's about to POP!" and Chris Russell did an amazing job with the decorations.  Think pom-pom balls, banners, balloons and just amazingness. THANK YOU CHRIS! 

Thank you to all that came to the baby shower. Randy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives and thank you for already spoiling our little boy! We will be having another baby shower with friends later this week and I can't wait!

Holy crap---We're having a baby....

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